Velatura Public Benefit Corporation Helps Connecticut Health Information Exchange Reach Critical Developmental Milestone

Connecticut Health Information Alliance is in a position of strength going into 2021

East Lansing, Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Velatura Public Benefit Corporation (Velatura), an industry leader in providing HIT and HIE consulting, implementation and operations services in states across the nation, today announced that Connecticut’s health information exchange, Connie, has secured participation by 25 healthcare providers, including two of the state’s largest hospital systems, the largest provider group, and the state’s Medicaid administrative services organization.  

As of Jan. 2021, Connie has begun testing data exchange with Yale New Haven Health System — an important step towards connectivity to Connie.

“Connie’s capability to instantly share health information among providers in a confidential and secure manner is a major benefit to patients,” Jenn Searls, Executive Director of Connie, said in a press release. “As healthcare providers and their patients know all too well, limited health information at the point-of-care has been an obstacle to better patient care, better outcomes, and a more efficient healthcare system. By bridging the information gap and opening a channel to exchange valuable health information in real time, Connie overcomes that obstacle — ultimately improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for patients and providers.”

With the technology in place, and the legal onboarding in its second year, Connie is in a position of strength going into 2021.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to work with Connecticut in continuing to make strides in establishing an HIE,” said Tim Pletcher, CEO of Velatura. “With our experience we were able to partner with the Connecticut stakeholders and established operations to support initial data sharing and long-term sustainability. Thanks to that groundwork, Connie is well on its way to being a functional HIE--one that will enable the exchange of clinical information across all health care settings, support care coordination, reduce costs and promote interoperability.” 

Velatura has worked closely with Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy (OHS) to design and operationalize the state’s health information exchange. From its inception, the goal of Connie has been to realize benefits of data sharing, including enhanced quality and delivery of services, and improved clinical outcomes and public health reporting.

“Connecticut’s health information exchange is a step forward for patients and providers,” Richard Shirey, Chief Information Officer of Hartford HealthCare, said in a press release issued by Connie earlier this week. “Connie can help improve communication among care providers and increase patient engagement in their healthcare. It is a welcome development, using technology as a tool in providing better care.”

Velatura will continue to support Connie as technical connections come online and continue to serve in an advisory role and in supporting operations including use case development, operational governance support and facilitation, and harmonization of the health data exchange ecosystem.


About Velatura Public Benefit Company
Velatura Public Benefit Corporation creatively connects and aligns people, organizations, technology, ideas, and information in both the public and private sectors to improve healthcare, reduce costs and to increase satisfaction of stakeholders in the health IT value chain. Through its operating units of Velatura Services, Velatura HIE Corp and USQHIN, Velatura Public Benefit Corporation looks to service the landscape of needs across the country for sustainable interoperability.

About Connie
Connie is Connecticut’s health information exchange. Connie was developed as a neutral and trusted entity to be the statewide leader, advocate, and catalyst for the adoption and use of health information technology and health information exchange services that bring tangible, meaningful, and sustainable value to stakeholders across Connecticut.




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