CMB Announces Repayment in Three More EB-5 Partnerships

EB-5 Visa Projects with Loans Repaid

Rock Island, Illinois, UNITED STATES

DALLAS, Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With 2020 behind us, we are all looking forward to a much brighter year ahead in 2021. Although we’re now only one month into the New Year, CMB Regional Centers has already been able to celebrate multiple new successes. In January, three CMB EB-5 partnerships saw the commencement of repayment of their EB-5 loans. All three loans were made to a top U.S. based real estate developer, Hillwood Development Company and its affiliates (Hillwood).

CMB Group 29, CMB Group 35 and CMB Group 46 mark the 15th, 16th and 17th CMB EB-5 partnerships featuring Hillwood project developments to receive loan repayment, each across a wide range of asset types. Group 29 made a $25 million loan to Hillwood for the development and construction of two multi-family apartment buildings in San Francisco, California. Hillwood also utilized $12 million in EB-5 capital from CMB Group 35 for the development and construction of two industrial logistics centers in Redlands, California, now under lease by

Additionally, CMB Group 46 featured $18 million in EB-5 funding for the development and construction of a major logistics center in York, Pennsylvania, which is now under lease by Starbucks and at the time was the largest Starbucks distribution center in the world. Hillwood’s performance both as a developer and as a borrower of these EB-5 loans has been impeccable. Following the completion of each project, Hillwood and its partners were able to successfully complete the sale of the facilities allowing for future loan repayment. What’s more, Hillwood worked seamlessly with CMB’s in-house economics team to complete the final job creation reports showing that each partnership has met the job creation requirements for its EB-5 investors.

25 Hillwood EB-5 Projects Receive I-924 or I-526 Approval

CMB’s long-term relationship with Hillwood spans across 31 separate EB-5 Partnerships, of which 25 of these partnerships have already received I-924 or I-526 approvals, and seven have already received both I-829 petition approvals and return of capital to its investors. In today’s EB-5 environment, there are few regional centers who have been able to demonstrate meaningful levels of success. There are even fewer regional centers who can say that they have seven investors with I-829 petition approvals and return of capital, let alone seven EB-5 partnerships with I-829 petition approvals and return of capital, encompassing hundreds of investors.  Not only is CMB part of that select group of regional centers, it has accomplished this feat with just one of our developer relationships.

Overall, CMB has 25 total partnerships with Hillwood and other real estate developers that have received I-829 petition approvals and return of capital to limited partners. These figures represent over 1,850 individual EB-5 investors who have had success at all levels in CMB partnerships.

CMB and Hillwood are collaborating on a new EB-5 investment opportunity: CMB Group 75. CMB Group 75 will lever the explosive growth of the logistics and e-commerce sector by providing EB-5 funding for the development a construction of a build-to-suit, pre-leased logistics center for a major Fortune 500 e-commerce tenant.

CMB Group 75 carries forward the same time tested structure that has been utilized in each of our previous CMB partnerships featuring Hillwood projects. For more information on CMB Group 75 please contact us with the information provided below.

CMB believes these are the top priorities for the EB-5 investor.

1. Obtaining Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Card). CMB has helped over 1,500 families obtain an I-829 approval.

2. Return of the investor’s capital EB-5 investment. CMB has over $1 Billion in EB-5 Investment Capital Repaid by Borrowers.

3. Provide a rate of return for our investors. In CMB’s opinion, the EB-5 program is not an investment program, it is a jobs creation program. The primary question of each EB-5 investor should not be how much money will I make; rather it should be will there be enough jobs to qualify me for my permanent green card. 

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