Babygrande Records’ Recording Artist The Yutes Demand the Immediate Legalization of Marijuana on New Song, “High Grade”

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Babygrande Records announces the release of The Yutes’ debut single, “High Life”.

On their debut 2021 track, “High Grade,” featuring fellow weed advocate Curren$y, The Yutes use their genre-blending style to demand that Congress shed their antiquated views by lobbying for weed’s legalization. As Chris raps, “Tell dem to free it, tell dem no cease it, the people dem need it.”

“High Grade” is a high-flying collaboration that celebrates the respective parties’ marijuana affinity — both sonically and conceptually. Augmenting familiar reggae tones with a hip-hop edge, “High Grade” is a distinct piece that finds footing in ranging musical camps to deliver a textured offering. The infectious new single employs a hybrid singing-rapping aesthetic to express a mutual fondness for marijuana.

Additionally, the timing of the release is auspicious, as the Democrats’ recent securing of the White House and Congress has placed marijuana on the precipice of legalization; most insiders believe that recreational marijuana will be legalized in 2021.

“We know Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is having meeting after meeting but really we are scratching our heads wondering what the holdup is? It’s just time. The people need it. The states need the money and it’s time to end the unfair imprisonment of people of color for marijuana-related crimes. Bob Marley said it best, ‘It’s a plant’,” says The Yutes.

The Yutes, the brother duo composed of Chris and Santris, deftly combine their Jamaican heritage with modern trap elements into a dynamic sound. The sons of dancehall legend Mr. Lexx, The Yutes leverage an unparalleled authenticity and heightened musical sensibility to consistently push the creative envelope.

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