Kyle “Stromedy” Godfrey Founder of Prime Capitol: An Innovative Social Media Incubator

Los Angeles, California, Feb. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prime Capitol puts like-minded people in a content house and nurtures them with other content creators providing tips, advice, assets and resources they can use to their advantage. Today we at Influencivewire are going to talk about Prime Capitol.

Prime Capitol is a Social Media Incubator, that helps talented people make the best use of their online footprint. The venture is all about harvesting and nurturing the talent and providing them with the best resources for achieving the reach and qualities that social media demands. to scale their personal brand under the Team umbrella.

What makes Prime different from other media incubators is that it is literally an “incubator” as it says. There are very few similar services out there that directly work with aspiring influencers or clients hands-on in person. Prime provides assets such as a house to live in, equipment to use, and help from people who are already established in the game. The company’s quote, “Revolutionizing Greatness” goes perfect with what they do for great people 

Created by Kyle Godfrey and founded in Canada, Prime Capitol had specific intentions to raise awareness of the social media industry in Canada. It was focused on recruiting Canadian talent and providing opportunities to those who needed it the most but cannot get themselves out there. Growing up in Milton, Ontario Canada Kyle saw minimal to no access to get himself known through creative arts and film. He thus created Prime Capitol as a rebel against the traditional industry which did not serve much, making him step up and take things on his own.

Hence, Prime Capitol has been created with the intentions of creating a network consisting of homes all across Canada and ultimately the rest of the world where aspiring creators can work together and again, use company assets to scale their presence in the social media world. 

Prime Capitol operates almost like an investment company where the capital is invested in the potential in people for an ROI. In return team members are signed to a contract in which they pay back a percentage of their earnings.

Kyle Godfrey was uploading content to Youtube for free but when he discovered that he could make money doing what he loves, he used all his part-time job money to buy camera equipment. After 3 years of doing YouTube full time, he made about $100,000 and later became 22 years old millionaire. Kyle’s personal quote says, “stress is directly correlated to caring, When you don’t stress, You don’t care”

He created a Feature Film “Crated” in 2019 on a near $100,000 budget which now has 7 million views. Kyle now has a $2 million house in Toronto and owns 3 cars, Model 3, Ford F150 and Hyundai Elantra. Currently, over 12+ people have signed to Prime Capitol and all of them have gone from $0 earnings on YouTube to now seeing minimum 5 figures a month $. To know more visit the youtube channel 

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