CorionX Is Expanding It’s Team To Make 2021 Roadmap a Success


Zug, Switzerland, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CorionX, which is one of the renowned resources of developing and spreading the reliable cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the world has shared its roadmap update 2021. The updates have addressed changes to the introduction of DeFi, Cross-Chain Integration, Tokenomics, Crowdfunding, and CorionX utility use cases. Also, CorionX is expanding it’s team to create more usability and value in the CorionX ecosystem.

The spokesperson of the company said, “The Company has drafted some unique features for users so that they can have a full advantage of the CorionX platform and the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement.”

Also, he added that CorionX will be releasing the features every quarter to ensure that none of the users miss out on any feature.

Provided below is a short description to clarify community expectations.

Decentralized Finance:- Defi has made it simple and authentic for an individual to perform financial transactions trusting a third party. CorionX will roll up a massive DeFi integration in the upcoming months and implement it steadily.

Cross-Chain Integration:- CorionX has always prioritized Interoperability, Scalability, and Ecosystem. DeFi tools, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Partner Bridges are the core strength of the CorionX ecosystem. Hence, it is about to add new features to assist businesses and individuals access financial services effortlessly and more efficiently.

Tokenomics:- CorionX team has adopted a Lockup and Vesting for 240 million CORX tokens to commit long-term success to the users. This will lock up 60% of the total supply taken from various contracts for five years. 

Crowdfunding:- As the CorionX ecosystem enlarges and develops bigger to forestall a huge appetite of institutional investors, retail traders, private fund managers, etc., to invest in other crypto projects and services in upcoming quarters.

CorionX Utility Use Case:- The CorionX team plans to launch a complete utility token product. This will bridge the gap between Blockchain Technology and Traditional use cases of Distributed Ledger Technology by educating users and prospects.

Let’s take a glance at new features that will launch in different quarters.

Q1 2021

CorionX Liquidity Lockup - CorionX is working with Unicrypt to lock up liquidity on Uniswap to gain the trust of users, traders, and investors. Once implemented, this will provide effortless trading to token holders without the risk of a rug pull event.

Launching Uniswap Liquidity Pool Yield Farming incentive - CORX Yield Farming token holders are provided with an opportunity to earn up to 50+% APY by contributing to the liquidity of CORX/ETH Uniswap Pool.

Staking without lockup - Holders of the CorionX token can earn 2.5% quarterly, which is 10.38% APY from staking rewards without locking up their assets. This feature will reward users free to transact and avail benefit from the token's utility. The company has planned to distribute Loyalty Staking Rewards in April 2021. 

CorionX has planned to launch new lock-up staking to boost beginners and add extra capital into the existing wallets. Once it is launched, account holders then can opt for a lock-up period of 3, 6, or 12 months to boost their earnings. The earnings could vary between 15% and 40% APY. 

Syscoin Bridge Integration will boost scalability, interoperability, and security along with economical transactions to CORX token holders.

To meet the requirements, CorionX is planning to announce a new exchange listing soon. 

Q2 2021

Update of tokenomics with Utility and donation token concept - This function will add more use-cases, corporate partnerships, and more users to the whole CorionX and #MoneyInTheRightDirection ecosystem. The company has planned to extend CorionX as a donation/charity asset. The plan will enable users and organizations to use and accept CORX for charity purposes.

Cross-Chain Interoperability Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot - CorionX is combining different chains and ecosystems to provide interoperability, speed, and security, etc.

CORX use-case in crowdfunding and token sales – CorionX has planned to collaborate with the leading crypto projects to provide access to CORX token holders in presales, public sales, etc.

CorionX is engaged in strategic partnership discussions with the most relevant top tier exchanges to join the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement.

Q3 2021

Ask Community Anything crypto education promotion - It is an awareness program for newcomers on CORX and the whole crypto ecosystem.

CorionX Wallet will provide the next generation of payments - It will empower scalable transactions within the community using CorionX, Stablecoins, and other ERC-20 tokens.

Q4 2021

Swap Integration - After providing cross chain interoperability, CORX can be traded on other Swaps, like Pancake Swap, which creates a new opportunity to integrate swap into CorionX wallet.

Crypto Savings, Lending & Borrowing - The Company has initiated to launch earning yields in CeFi and DeFi to provide easy to use access to mainstream users.

Non-Fungible Token use-case extension - CorionX on quarter four will extend the crypto ecosystem with NFTs to add more value to CORX tokens.

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About CorionX:

CorionX is a modern Blockchain platform built on Ethereum that acts as a hub for crypto and stablecoins users and is built to promote the adoption of Cryptocurrency, stablecoins, crypto saving solutions, and other technologies that empower users and reduce reliance on legacy infrastructure. The CorionX (CORX) token is "gas" for the rapidly developing crypto education infrastructure and is designed to help incentivize crypto and DeFi adoption.
CorionX (ERC-20 token): With its utility token, CORX is focused on merging the Cryptocurrency and fast-growing stablecoins environment. CORX is an important asset to incite education, promotion and spread of crypto knowledge globally with the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement. This movement will tie the world together in a community where people share knowledge and information about digital finance and its various aspects.
CorionX is using partner's bridges to provide interoperability, fast, secure & cheap transactions, and scalability. 

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