Report: Where Do Women Go to Law School in the U.S.?

2020 data reveals that female law school enrollment outpaced men for 5th consecutive year

TAMPA, Fl., March 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the fifth year in a row, women made up the majority of law school students pursuing Juris Doctor (JD) degrees in the United States. Based on the most recent data (2020) from the American Bar Association, in 35 states and Puerto Rico, at least half of the students who are attending law school are women.

In its annual report, Enjuris compiled data from the ABA on law school enrollment to break down law school gender diversity by state and highlight the top-ranked schools for women.

In 1960, women comprised only 3.5 percent of enrollees in ABA-approved law schools. In 2016, the number of female law school enrollees surpassed male enrollees for the first time.

In 2020, women accounted for 54.09 percent of all students in ABA-approved law schools, while men made up 45.70 percent of law school students. The number of people who identified as "other" increased from 149 students (0.13%) in 2019 to 232 (0.20%) in 2020.

The top 20 ABA-accredited law schools by female enrollment in 2020 were:

  1. North Carolina Central University
  2. Northeastern University
  3. Howard University
  4. New England Law | Boston
  5. Belmont University
  6. The City University of New York
  7. American University
  8. St. Thomas University
  9. University of the District of Columbia
  10. University of Washington
  11. Seattle University
  12. Florida A&M University
  13. University of California-Davis
  14. Pace University
  15. Inter American University of Puerto Rico
  16. Texas Southern University
  17. University of Maryland
  18. Southern University
  19. Elon University
  20. Western Michigan University

In particular, women have been making steady gains in top-ranked law schools. Thirteen of the top 20 law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report had more female attendees than male attendees.

Nationwide, the majority of law schools (73.98 percent) have more female students than male students.

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