Bullhorn Releases Game-Changing Listen Live Podcasting

With the release of Bullhorn Live, podcasters can interact with their listeners in real-time and earn direct support from their audience

Long Beach, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bullhorn, a new podcast-listening application from FreeConferenceCall.com, announced the release of Bullhorn Live, an interactive way podcasters can engage with listeners in real time and earn support directly from their audience.

“The studio gives the podcasters the tools of a radio show, social media, and YouTube all in one place,” said Sam Petralia, creator of Bullhorn. “With Bullhorn, creators can monetize their podcast and earn support directly from the listeners.”

As part of Bullhorn Live, podcasters can add several dynamic elements into their podcast to enhance the listening experience, like images, text, dynamic ads, and more.

Bullhorn Live Key Features 

With Bullhorn Live, podcasters can take advantage of key interactive features, including:

Images can be displayed during a podcast to offer a visual element to a listener’s experience.

Text, such as pull quotes and keywords, can be displayed during a podcast to help listeners remain on topic or to emphasize ideas. 

Dynamic Ads can be displayed during a podcast where listeners can click on a link that will take them to a site with the service or product.

Polling can be used to collect information from audiences in real time.

Chatrooms allow listeners to among themselves during a live podcasting session to share ideas and opinions.

Listeners can submit questions that are then upvoted to let the podcaster know how popular the question is among their audience.

Audiences can call in and join the podcast to ask questions or share comments in real time.

Bullhorn Studio

Bullhorn Studio is the interface podcasters use to manage their live interactive elements. Bullhorn Studio’s sleek design and intuitive interface makes it easy for podcasters to add interactive elements using a tile design.

Through Bullhorn Studio, podcasters can manage chat, take calls, upload images, take polls and display ads easily without interrupting their broadcast.

Subscription-based Support

Like other popular multi-media platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, Bullhorn has included a subscription-based revenue model that allows podcasters to earn support directly from their audience.

Through Bullhorn, podcasters can enable subscription-only access to exclusive content. 

Bullhorn Live is a brand-new live podcasting experience that gives creators the tools they need to succeed in podcasting. 

About Bullhorn.FM

Bullhorn changes the way podcasters engage with their audience. Launched in 2019, Bullhorn’s mission is to eliminate the boundaries separating content creators with their audience and bridge the gap between producing valuable content and earning direct support.

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