Top 10 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2021

LOS ANGELES, March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Some life coaches can become your strongest pillar to give a fresh perspective to your life. While life coaching can be an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing possibilities to reach your goals, your coaches become the guiding light in strengthening your mindset and approaches in leading you to your journey of success. Various successful life coaches have managed to formulate meaningful contributions in lives and here are some of those top life coaches that one can bookmark in their mission of rekindling new hope and embracing changes of new life. We would also like to thank Sunshy Digital Media Agency for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins)
Tony Robbins' extraordinary appearance as a life coach is consistently maximizing the potential of numerous people out there. Driven by enthusiasm and defined by excellence, his vision is to bring out the best in his clients. Known for his bestselling books, audiotapes and his list of high profile clients, Tony has successfully structured his philanthropic interests to inspire and encourage others in following their life dreams. While he has leveraged his formidable personality and power of persuasion, his seminars and books have played a prominent role in adding lights to the dark and building multiple businesses. He owns 33 companies and directly runs a dozen of them. His commanding presence to build an impactful career as a business coach has grown into Robbins Research International, a life coaching empire where his sessions aim to focus on the financial success of entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Nicole Montez (@bfflifeceo)
At the age of twenty-five, after learning of her newborn daughter’s diagnosis with a life-threatening, fatal disease called Cystic Fibrosis, Nicole Montez chose not to think about the limits of the situation, but the possibilities. She became a highly respected veteran of the home business industry, and through her elite programs she’s supported and guided professional women and gained the esteemed mentorship of some of the world’s finest leaders and experts. After losing her father to suicide she founded TheBFFLife® as a way of living, which empowers women to live unapologetically a brave, fearless and free life. As a sought-after transformational speaker and certified life and business coach, she is also an International Best Selling Author and her story impacts millions in her book Raising Ali now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and featured on nbc, abc, cbs and fox.

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Daniel Mangena (@dreamerceo)
Initially built as a lifeline grappling with suicidal thoughts, Daniel turned adversities into empowerment, creating a simple, four-step system for creating outcomes called the Beyond Intention Paradigm. Through his own struggles, Daniel found a path to lasting joy and purpose and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life.

The best selling books he has authored, his “Do it With Dan” podcast series, regular blogs, published articles and international speaking; have all helped thousands across the globe. His prolific work recently earned him a spot in the Wall Street Journal as a “Master of Success”, he has also been featured in Forbes magazine and is an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine.

Daniel is a father, loves to travel, practices Kundalini yoga, meditation, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is also an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, working with charities across the globe.

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Tanya Armstrong (@tanyalouarmstrongofficial)
Tanya Lou Armstrong has carved an impressive path scaling her a-list influencer, speaker, celebrity and recording artist client’s -- making her one of our Top 10 2021 go-to coaches. After losing her Mother and daughter-in-law to cancer, Tanya committed to maximizing her reach by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs scale a harmonious life-meets-career brand. She makes herself accessible via her online guided ‘Life By Design Mastery’ course, and offers various workshops and 1-on-1 coaching. She also extends her knowledge in a close-knit Life By Design Mastermind group. “Having a means to grow purpose-driven brands with various budgets, has been important to me,” she says.

Tanya believes that until one finds a rhythm, where life and career become harmonious, one has not arrived on purpose. Her sunny personality and fast-track approach in navigating the online space to accel high visibility and profitable brands has made Tanya one to shine a spotlight on.

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Lindsay Rose (@the.quantum.blonde)
Lindsay Rose left her corporate life behind 5 years ago to pursue her lifelong passion to help others transform their lives. After surviving an abusive relationship, and childhood trauma, Lindsay dove deep into a self-healing journey. She knew that life had to be more than just pain and depression. On this journey, she realized that she had the tools to guide others down the path of healing. She developed a highly effective method that helps shift the mind from limiting, negative thinking to more empowering, limitless potential. As an entrepreneur (Life Coach and Founder of high-vibrational jewelry brand GLDN CODE), her focus is to empower others to live a fulfilled life with infinite possibilities. Teaching others that self-awareness is their super-power and that anything is possible, Lindsay's mission is to be a light by using her own story to inspire others to find the confidence to change their lives.

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Ella Alexandria (@ellaalexandrialove)
Ella Alexandria Love is a Holistic Life Systems Coach who is passionate about helping visionary leaders and heart-centered businesses become more organized, efficient, and effective. Ella sees it as her personal mission to help women and men tap into their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine power, and express themselves as sovereign beings. She is currently enrolling for ‘Reclamation’, a six-month program in which she helps women take back control of their lives and walk in their authentic purpose. Outside of coaching Ella is a mother to a wonderful son. In her free time, she loves to travel, explore new places, and meet new people...

She offers 1:1 Coaching, group coaching, workshops, and retreats. Her expertise lies in Reiki Energy Healing. inner child healing + conscious parenting, healing the Mother Wound, and Holistic Life System strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs. Follow and message her on Instagram a free Clarity Session or to inquire about working together.

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Leah Brathwaite (@leah.brathwaite)
Leah Brathwaite is a best selling author and founder of the Live Free Lifestyle™, a unique mentorship program for ambitious women seeking more confidence, clarity and direction in life.

Through her courses, coaching and writing, Leah combines mindset reprogramming, spirituality, energetics and her intuitive gifts to help her clients clear limiting beliefs, uncover hidden potential and create the dream vision they have for their lives.

Her particular area of expertise is helping successful women who feel lost, stuck or unclear about their next step, reconnect to their truth and purpose (their Soul, as she calls it) to achieve lasting freedom and fulfillment. Having rebuilt her own life and business from scratch after struggling through disability, divorce and depression, Leah knows exactly how to forge a new path towards a meaningful and abundant life and offers her clients a proven blueprint for success.

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Jake & Whitney Roehl (@steadfastlifecoaching)
Jake and Whitney Roehl — a dynamic husband and wife duo — of Steadfast Life Coaching are Christian life coaches. They are experts at teaching people how to overcome feeling stuck. Identifying limiting beliefs and subsequently blowing up those limiting beliefs is exactly what Jake and Whit do best! Whit stopped over-drinking, lost 40lbs, and built a multiple six-figure business! She’s taken her own personal experiences and developed a system to teach others how to build the life they want.

They wanted this breakthrough to be available to anyone, so they distilled it down to an online, on-demand program called Trust University. “We see clients caught in a trap of attempting to EARN their value through perfection,” Jake said. “This creates tremendous pressure and actually decreases performance. When you learn how to believe God when He says you are fully loved NOW – then your pressure and anxiety turn to peace and joy.

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Karma Hill (@konversationswithkarma)
Karma Hill is an ICF accredited Positive Psychology Coach and the founder of Konversations with Karma. She received her M.S. in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from Life University and her Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching certification from Integrative Wellness Academy. She believes well-being and success all start with prioritizing self-care. Karma’s expert skill set includes scientifically rooted approaches, effective use of her intuition, knowing the appropriate powerful questions to ask combined with the correct tools and techniques to empower clients.

She helps women in leadership prevent burnout and emotional exhaustion by making themselves a priority so they can increase their impact in the world. Her passion and commitment are instrumental in empowering and inspiring clients to take action to elevate their lives to phenomenal heights. Karma’s belief is that you do not need permission to put yourself first.

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John Williams (@coachtrainingedu)
John Andrew Williams started his career as a high school Latin teacher. He quickly realized that life coach concepts were going to revolutionize the way teachers taught and students learned. While teaching, he developed the Academic Life Coaching program and his private practice flourished. Since then he’s earned his Master Certified Coach ICF certification, been a writer for Newsweek Education, a keynote speaker at conferences such as the ICF’s first Middle East conference in Dubai, and launched Coach Training EDU.

CTEDU currently trains over 300 coaches a year, specializing in working with academic advisors and professors from schools such as Harvard Kennedy School of Business, Stanford, and hundreds of other universities and organizations. He views his role as being on the cutting edge of coaching concepts in the business world and translating the principles into exercises designed for students. CTEDU helps people launch private academic and executive life coaching practices.

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These life coaches have been significantly adding purpose to one's life. Right from the outset, they have made sure in understanding the distinct goals of numerous people and have contributed towards a clear sense of progress in life. When you feel there's a need for an expert who can empower you, challenge you and elucidate you in reinventing the journey to success, these coaches can certainly help you see the world in a different light.

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