Imposter SKY ECC phone shown in press release from Dutch police

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The official press release from Dutch police dated March 9, 2021 entitled Another Blow to Organized Crime is accompanied by a photo of a mobile phone in the hands of a Dutch police officer. The phone’s screen reads SKYECC.EU on a black background, but the accompanying news release repeatedly mentions SKY ECC. (See Photo #1 – FAKE APP).

SKY ECC says the phone with the SKYECC.EU text on a dark background is not an authorized SKY ECC phone. Sky ECC can say this with certainty because the company has never used SKYECC.EU on the home screen of its standard SKY ECC app. (See Photo #2 – REAL SKY ECC APP)

“This ‘EU’ phone is not one of ours and is not sold by us,” says Jean-François Eap, CEO of SKY ECC. “We know that someone has been passing themselves off as an official reseller of SKY ECC for some time and we have been trying to shut it down through legal channels for almost two years.”

SKY ECC points out that SKYECC.EU is an imposter and not authorized to sell SKY ECC phones. We have reason to believe it is operated by a disgruntled former SKY ECC reseller whose reseller rights were terminated in September 2019 after repeated violations of SKY ECC reseller policies. In May 2020, SKY ECC commenced steps to shut down SKYECC.EU. Legal battles are ongoing.

SKY ECC recently became aware, through its authorized distributors in Belgium and the Netherlands, of a fake phishing application looking similar to SKY ECC but sold on phones without standard SKY ECC security features.

“The Belgian police’s claim that they sent bank account details to SKY ECC to claim our '5 Million Dollar Hack' prize is entirely false,” says Eap. “SKY ECC has not been contacted by any authorities in connection with any investigations currently being reported. The confusing references to SKY ECC instead of SKYECC.EU are very damaging. If authorities have based any assessment of SKY ECC on account of SKYECC.EU, they are severely mistaken about the nature of SKY ECC and its operations. We are gathering as much information as quickly as we can in order to provide accurate information to the public, the media, and the authorities alike. We hope that by remaining clear and transparent, we provide a foil to the sensationalist reporting and claims made over the past two days.”

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