Kendall Ananyi Improving Africa’s Digital World

San Francisco, California, March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People sometimes forget that we live in a digital world. This includes everyone, not just those who call Western Europe or North America home. For Kendall Ananyi, he may not dream of taking over the world, but he does intend to level the playing field between his native Africa and the developed nations around the globe.

This vision of the future has led him to found and lead Tizeti, a company that is pioneering the introduction of unlimited wireless data plans across Africa, starting with the internal domestic markets of Ghana and Nigeria. 

Unlike traditional capped plans that severely limit their customer’s access to the most popular communication methods of the modern world, Tizeti is opening up the world of video streaming to a continent that is outgrowing its reliance on texts and emails as a primary method of interaction. Of course, those things are still possible with his new service, but the new paradigm is for people to use their smart devices for more than just saying hello to one another. 

A large benefit of his operation is that it offers more to its customers for less than the competition charges for inferior service. Who would rather pay 30 to 50 percent more for a capped data plan than they would for unlimited data? The answer has always been that those who have no alternative take what they can get, but Tizeti has now opened things up to enable a formerly captive market.

Another selling point is that the company is working hard not just to compete in those few places that already have a digital footprint, but are also aggressively opening up access to outlier nations. Cell phone towers have traditionally depended upon grid power as a primary source backed up by standby diesel generators. In many African locales, the inadequacy of the grid means that diesel generators are often the primary power source. 

Yet Tizeti is end-running this system by building new solar-powered towers out beyond the reach of the grid and even at a distance from readily-available diesel supply points. Due to the plummeting cost of solar panels, Tizeti utilizes the technology to provide cheap power to the areas. 

The result is to turn what many think of as the most backward-thinking continent into a more futuristic one. Not only is this Green Power option more practical and affordable under local conditions, but it is also providing new access and opportunities for some of the most under-served communities anywhere.

It can be expected that the Internet revolution will have the same positive effect on the lives of these newly-connected people as it has shown to have on everyone else who finally gets plugged into the digital world. For Kendall Ananyi, nothing could be sweeter than to bring hope and opportunity to these places.

Yet he does not rest upon the laurels of being first to market. Anyone who penetrates these under-served areas could undoubtedly take advantage of the situation. Monopolies don't need to compete for business or run lean, cost-effective operations but that is what Tizeti does in all of its regional enterprises.

At the behest of its founder, the company remains focused on being lean, efficient, and, above all, customer friendly. Tizeti is building long-term relationships and not just capitalizing on immediate gains. What the company wants are loyal customers who will produce the necessary continuing revenue stream needed to fund further expansion.

Kendall Ananyi knows that brand loyalty is a two-way street. By providing superior products at unbeatable prices, his company is growing quickly and laying future plans for expansion elsewhere in Africa. Tizeti is living proof that opportunity exists everywhere on earth. Hard work and innovative products lead the way towards increased prosperity for everyone involved.


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