Abel Noser Ranks #1 in Customer Satisfaction in Respected Transition Management Survey

Company’s Top Net Promoter Score Highlighted in Industry’s 2020 Survey of TM Trends

NEW YORK, N.Y., March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abel Noser, LLC is pleased to announce that the firm’s transition management team has again been rated as a top provider in the U.S., according to an annual survey by Chief Investment Officer magazine.  The report further noted that the company’s TM offering is grounded in an agency execution, coupled with a thoughtful, TCA-based approach to managing risk and sourcing liquidity.

Speaking about the firm’s longevity in the transition management space, Peter Weiler, Co-CEO of Abel Noser Holdings, the broker-dealer’s parent company, commented, “It is always gratifying to consistently be rated so highly among competitors in the TM space. This is undoubtedly fueled by our longstanding dedication to an independent, data-driven approach to transition management.”

“Selecting a transition manager is an implicit fiduciary decision.  We are appreciative that our clients continue to look to us as an expert partner in this space,” agreed Michael Iannucci, Head of the Transition Management group. “Our high ratings in areas such as reporting transparency, pre-trade accuracy, and staff knowledge underscore our longstanding position as a top transition management provider.”

Commenting on the firm’s strong showing, Doug Rivelli, President of Abel Noser, LLC, noted that “our agency-only broker-dealer leverages the company’s industry-leading analytics in its trading process, providing transition clients with a data-driven approach which consistently yields good outcomes.” Mr. Rivelli, who has led a resurgence of the broker-dealer’s position as an innovative, quantitatively focused institutional broker added, “Our combination of leading-edge TCA and a deeply experienced implementation team powers our transition execution performance in a way that is hard to match.”

In addition to transition management, Abel Noser, LLC offers a wide range of agency-only brokerage services including program, algorithmic, and block trading, corporate buybacks, third-party bill payment, outsourced trading, and commission recapture.


About Abel Noser Holdings  

Abel Noser has been a proven leader in agency-only trading solutions and trade analytics for over four decades.  For more guidance on Abel Noser’s TCA, compliance, brokerage and transition services, please contact (646) 432-4000 or email info@abelnoser.com. Learn more at www.abelnoser.com.


Abel Noser, LLC is a registered broker and a member of FINRA, SIPC and MSRB.


Ratings from AI-CIO survey published February 2021.  Customer Satisfaction based on Net Promoter Score results.

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