Top Ten Inspirational Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2021

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The rise of entrepreneurship has brought in some lucrative innovations and groundbreaking solutions in the industry. Based on their significant contributions, various entrepreneurs have marked their presence by adding value to people and society through their unique product and services. Ignited by an idea and driven by passion, there is always something new to learn from these entrepreneurial minds thriving in the industry. We have pinned down some first-generation entrepreneurs who have been inspiring numerous out there with their unconventional choices and successful endeavours. Also, thanks to Sunshy Digital Media Agency for highlighting these inspirational stories worth getting inspired from.

Nelly Agbogu (@Naijabrandchick)

Nelly Agbogu fondly known as Naijabrandchick, is a self-taught digital and social marketing coach for business owners across Africa. With over Ten (10) years of professional experience, A Tony Elumelu Fellow, Oracle Database Administrator and The first Nigerian Instagram Coach to effectively train over 200,000 business owners in 40 cities. Convener of the Largest Trade Fair of small business owners. Nelly is widely known for her Magic touch on Instagram Sales & marketing which has helped small businesses go from overlooked to overbooked.

Her Clients feedback is mind-blowing as far as 7 digits within 30 days.

She is the first and only widely acclaimed INSTAGRAM COACH in Africa.

Nelly has also been showcased due to her tremendous work in growing Businesses in places such as CNBC AFRICA, TW Magazine, GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER, ARISE TV, EBONYLIFE TV.

She was among the 100 leading ladies in Nigeria among several awards.

Her Creativity and twist to social media marketing especially Instagram keeps bringing the customers to her table.

In 2019 her Food business (@NelliesNigeria) Won the best innovative food business in Nigeria powered by GAIN & Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network Nigeria

Nelly holds certifications in Psychology and CEM from the Lagos Business School.
And is committed in shaping AFRICA one business at a time.

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Brigitte Bartley (@brigitte_bartley)

Advocate for Nutrition and Mindset, Brigitte is also a mother to three boys, ages 20, 19 and 16.

Brigitte has an extraordinary range of experience and success. In 2011, she channelled her passion of nutrition into Network Marketing with now an organization of 101,000+ associates. Her passion for supporting small business channels through her social media marketing with clients all over the world, and her love for people and sales led her to Christies Int’l Real Estate at Blackstream Int’l in Greenville, SC with the Damian Hall Group Luxury Real Estate team.

Brigitte is known for her inspiration and wisdom in personal growth and development, mindset, business strategy and holistic health. She has an eloquent way of expressing what a “have it all woman” looks like. Her approach to transform challenges and adversities, not only generated her own growth and healing, but those around her as well.

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Sherry Sutton (@sherrysuttonbranding)

Sherry is a marketing mentor on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. She specializes in creating authentic personal brands that highlight her client's unique gifts... and generate massive sales. Her simple and practical approach to marketing, combined with her fun and accessible style, makes Sherry the go-to for entrepreneurs worldwide.

As an award-winning photographer specializing in creating engaging personal brand images, she has traveled all over the world for children’s charities such as Blink Now and FFLV.

When she’s not doing yoga or watching Lord of the Rings with her adorable son, Walden, she’s a nerd who loves learning. She has a Masters in Leadership and Communications from Seton Hall University; an exec-MBA from Rutgers University, and a Digital Marketing Certification from Yale University.

Sherry offers group classes, E-courses, and 1-on-1 coaching. You can find her at

Lyndie Putnam (@lyndieputnam)

Lyndie Putnam is a certified holistic life coach, seminar leader, and the creator of Plan With Purpose, a company that promotes intentional living through planners, journals, and goal setting tools. Whether it is in her life coaching business or other various endeavors, Lyndie’s mission stays the same: to empower others to build a purpose-driven life from the inside out.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Lyndie is not afraid to take risks, try new things, and follow her passions wherever they may lead. At the age of 30, Lyndie has over eight years of sales experience in a very competitive, male-dominated oil and gas industry. She is currently building a vacation rental home in New Braunfels, Texas, with her husband, Lane, and is the co-owner of Suggest Kindness, a company she shares with her mom that is dedicated to spreading kind gifts and gestures around the world.

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Jeanne Agius (@jeanne.selfcarecoach)

Jeanne Agius is a former Corporate Escapee turned founder of Self-Care Journey Coaching, every women's Self-Care Coach, wife, mother, healthy lifestyle expert, international speaker, and a certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

Since becoming a mom, she has been a frequent speaker on guiding women, especially moms, to prioritize themselves with holistic self-care practices without feeling guilt, despite the many hats they wear. She has been fortunate to help hundreds of women worldwide elevate their lifestyles and optimize their health by using self-care as their superpower to thrive so they can reclaim their time, energy, and confidence. She has built her Survive to Thrive program to help women feel beautiful from the inside out, be confident in their skin, and create healthy lifestyles they love through her signature Self-care System.

She wants to re-define self-care for today's woman in her upcoming book because she knows self-care isn't always easy but essential.

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Meshia G (@goalsafco)

Founder | Personal Development & Business Coach

Founder of Goals A.F, Meshia specializes in helping her clients with discovery and breakthroughs whether it's in Personal Development or Business, we all have trauma and obstacles we've gone through but it shouldn't be our end story. Meshia steps in to show her clients that there is light at the end of the tunnel, YOU are in charge of your life, story and journey. All it starts is with YOU.

Goals a.f was created to help a community of ambitious females (A.F) to succeed through all walks of life, from business to personal development. Our mission to make sure you have the tools, resources and life coaches to help transition you on your journey.

Meshia created functional planner printables and interactive workbooks that help you dig deep into areas in your life that you struggle with while building a community of ambitious females during the process.

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Steffanie Moyers (@steffaniemoyers)

Steffanie is an independent novelist, copywriter, and book editor. She is presently working on her fifth novel, due out in fall 2021. Steffanie’s passion and dedication to the craft of storytelling in all its forms are unparalleled. She uses her platform to spread mental health awareness and is against the “no days off” culture. As someone who is open about her own battles with anxiety and depression, she wants women and those coping with mental illness to know there is hope to work for themselves and balances can be found.

During the pandemic, Steffanie took it upon herself to start her own copywriting and book editing business in addition to continuing to write novels. In six months she became a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and is actively getting clients of her own volition off the platform. Steffanie is known for writing that is engaging, unique, and helps books sell and businesses look polished. She recently expanded to the point of hiring staff for the first time. Steffanie brings an incredible drive and enthusiasm for her passion for writing in all of its forms.

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Jesse D. (@the.jesse.d_)

Jesse is a VA Mindset Coach and founder of the Intentional VA Society. She’s a survivor, an advocate, a dog mom, a Mindset Guru and a force of nature when it comes to her clients' success. Her passion in life is to change the world by empowering one person at a time.

Knowing corporate life was not for her she bravely stepped away from "climbing the ladder" and put everything on the line to do what she loved. She knew starting her own business wouldn't be well received by others, but she was on a mission.

Using her plethora of knowledge from years of mentoring others, she's building her coaching empire. Her successfully proven framework meshes sustainable business and mindset practices together. Her monthly membership, digs deep into both counterparts helping her clients create an unstoppable recipe for success, and Jesse is cheering them on every step along the way.

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Hesy Landesbaum (@hesy.landesbaum)

Hesy Landesbaum, an expert with 20+ years of experience in the financial industry, holding leadership positions in Fortune 100 Companies like, ING Group, MetLife, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, New York Life Insurance Co. Hesy has her own Financial Services practice offering financial and business solutions with the mission to educate individuals and business owners to have a solid financial plan and make a difference for future generations. Hesy has been recognized for her contributions at the corporate and community level for her desire to financially educate the Latin American community. Hesy has always been a women’s advocate with a desire to financially empower women. In 2017, she founded Hablando entre Mujeres USA, which provides women with the necessary tools to start or enhance their own business with a strong financial foundation. Hesy chairs several non-profit organizations, providing her time, knowledge, and expertise. In 2020, Hesy was featured in The Top 100 People in Finance Magazine, catapulting her business and career, as one of the top Latinas in such a competitive Industry.

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Emily Cleghorn (@abetterlifewithemilyc)

Emily is a Self Empowerment coach, self-published author and keynote speaker on a mission to help her clients to find purpose in their pain and metamorphosize their lives

She learned early on that with a little grit and determination nothing is impossible. Which inspired her to share her story and what she discovered on her own journey in her book “Rising from the Ashes: How to Reclaim your Life after a Traumatic Childhood”. In her book, she outlines her framework for overcoming childhood trauma and teaches readers how to break the chain holding them back and to step into their purpose.

As a certified health and life coach, Emily offers a customizable program to meet her clients where they are in their journey and guides them to meet their desired outcomes.

Emily is loving her entrepreneurial journey and she is taking the world by storm.

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Mastering entrepreneurship costs you endless efforts, constant determination and a tenacious outlook. While these entrepreneurs have made a resilient mark in the industry, their exemplary stories are boundlessly inspiring young minds to follow their dreams.

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