Canada’s first Full MVNO, dotmobile, now accepting eSIM/SIM card pre-orders nationwide. Urges Competition Bureau to support more wireless competition.

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data On Tap Inc. (dotmobile), Canada’s first Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), is now offering free eSIM/SIM card pre-orders for its highly anticipated wireless service expected late this year. Data pricing and exact launch details are pending CRTC decisions on the Wireless Industry Review.

The company is encouraging the Competition Bureau to re-evaluate its support for facilities-based competition as part of the Wireless Industry Review, CRTC proceeding 2019-57, in light of the impending Rogers acquisition of Shaw.

“This consolidation was inevitable, and it leaves no doubt that meaningful and sustainable competition is not possible without a mandated wholesale framework. Canadians need to send a message about fair access to the essential national network infrastructure that they contribute to each and every month,” said Algis Akstinas, CEO of Data On Top Inc.

For a limited time, dotmobile eSIM/SIM cards are available free to pre-order with the promo code FREESIM. Members simply need to download the dotmobile app from Google Play or the App Store to place their order.

“We already have over thirty thousand members. Opening up pre-orders for the dotmobile SIM helps solidify the need for a completely new, affordable and innovative way to access wireless services,” said Alex Bauman, CXO of Data on Top Inc. “Based on our current members, the need for affordable and awesome wireless exists across Canada, in both urban and rural areas. These pre-orders will allow us to determine more precisely where our service is needed, and firm up our plans for launch - interconnects, distribution, number portability, and more.”

Before the service launches in the second half of the year, members will be asked to confirm or modify their address for SIM card delivery or select an eSIM if their device is compatible. All dotmobile users will be able to port their existing phone number from another carrier or choose a new number, as well as activate their service, change plans, or disconnect at any time - all from the app.

Data On Tap Inc. has been approved as Canada’s first Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Full MVNO) by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). A Full MVNO operates essentially the same technology as a mobile network operator, but without owning the radio access network (i.e. cell towers). Instead, the core network connects to one or more existing radio access networks, similar to a mobile network operator sharing or roaming on another operator’s network.

The CRTC is expected to rule imminently on the wireless industry review that started in 2019. This ruling will define the Canadian national wireless infrastructure access rules and rates, similar to those for home internet over the past 10 years.

About Data On Tap Inc.

Data on Tap Inc. is building dotmobile™, a smart tiny telecom with a simple goal - to make wireless more affordable and awesome for youth, seniors, students, newcomers, visitors to the country, small businesses, and families that want to save.


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