Canada’s leading virtual food hall expands during pandemic

Kitchen Hub sees continued growth in ghost kitchen market

Etobicoke, Ontario, CANADA

Toronto, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Industry disruptor Kitchen Hub is expanding with the newest location opening today in Toronto’s Cabbage Town at 234 Parliament Street, with more locations to open over the next several months. With Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen (of Gusto 54 Restaurant Group) anchoring this location, locals can enjoy their signature Caribbean cuisine along with Kitchen Hub staples like Greenhouse Juice Co., Daan Go Macarons, The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, Ben & Jerry’s and S’More Convenience.


“We are so excited to partner with Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen at our Parliament location,” says Adam Armeland, CEO and Co-Founder of Kitchen Hub. “A huge part of our mission is to offer a wide variety of fan-favourite restaurants and make them available in a broader geographic range within the city. Chubby’s is well established in the downtown core, and now east-enders can also enjoy their iconic dishes.”


As some Toronto restaurants open their patios this week with varying degrees of wariness, and dine-in service remains on hold due to COVID-19 protocols, restaurants continue to rely on takeout to survive. Kitchen Hub allows restaurants to serve markets where it may otherwise be cost-prohibitive or outside traditional delivery boundaries. On the consumer end, households benefit by being able to order from multiple brands (think Chubby’s famous jerk chicken, Cheesecake Factory’s iconic 4-slice cheesecake variety pack, and Kambucha from Greenhouse Juice Co. all in one order), saving on multiple service and delivery fees and catering to diverse palettes within the same household.  


Oren Borovitch, COO and Co-Founder of Kitchen Hub sees virtual food halls or ghost kitchens as a symbiotic solution benefitting both the foodservice industry and consumers.


“The demand for delivery services is continuing to grow rapidly,” says Borovitch.  “As the restaurant industry adapts to the pandemic, our second Kitchen Hub location and continued expansion will provide a much-needed opportunity for restaurants to continue operating affordably while meeting the increased demands and discerning palettes of customers.”


With the end date of pandemic restrictions remaining elusive, takeout culture continues to evolve and grow, paving the way for innovative businesses like Kitchen Hub.


“Kitchen Hub is a great example of the creativity of Canada’s restaurant industry to meet the growing delivery demands of the consumer,” says Todd Barclay, President and CEO of Restaurants Canada. “The infrastructure and ongoing services that Kitchen Hub provides will have a long-lasting impact on the industry in the years to come.”


For Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen’s chef de cuisine, Andrea Di Mauro, it all comes down to making delicious, high-quality dishes and sharing it with more Torontonians.


"We're excited for the opportunity to inspire and grow Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen as we begin operating with Kitchen Hub," says Di Mauro. As a chef, he believes the turnkey setup of Kitchen Hub allows him to do what he’s most passionate about – cooking. “A lot of the daily headaches of running a business are already taken care of and the chefs can focus on what we do best – cook amazing dishes for people who are excited about our food.” Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen fans in the east end of the city can look forward to getting their hands on their iconic dishes like Chubby’s Jerk Chicken, Likkle Jamaican Patties and Oxtail Stew.


Virtual food halls consist of multiple restaurants that offer delivery and takeout only. It gives restaurants turnkey kitchen space with all necessary infrastructure and is fully optimized for takeout and delivery. As the leader in the ghost kitchen or virtual food hall space in Canada, Kitchen Hub has established a stronghold in this market since opening their first location just weeks before the first pandemic-related lockdowns in Toronto over a year ago. With their first location at 935 The Queensway in Etobicoke, they curated an all-star lineup of headline chefs and brands including Pai by chef Nuit Regular, Carbon Bar, The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, and Fresh Restaurants.


“There was already a demand for virtual food halls before COVID-19, and the pandemic simply accelerated public awareness and the embracing of this convenient concept,” says Mathew Abramsky, Co-founder, CFO and Head of Real Estate, Kitchen Hub. “There has been a significant cultural shift surrounding takeout and virtual food halls will continue to thrive post-pandemic.”


The latest location, Kitchen Hub on 234 Parliament Street opens today, Tuesday, March 23, for delivery and pickup via or third-party delivery partners, such as UberEats, SkiptheDishes and DoorDash.



About Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub is a shared facility that provides dedicated turnkey kitchen space optimized for takeout and delivery. With two locations in the GTA, these virtual food halls are revolutionizing the food delivery industry in Canada, offering a variety of cuisines for off-premise consumption. Customers can order from each individual restaurant or a combined menu made up of some of the city’s most popular restaurants.


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