Commission Hero Pro Review: Best Affiliate Marketing System by Robby Blanchard?

Commission Hero Pro by Robby Blanchard, the number one Clickbank affiliate in the world, is a new money making affiliate marketing system that can help aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to grow their own online business featuring the $26 Million Case Study where they will learn how to run ads on Facebook, Youtube and Native Ads along with professional tools and software that have generated millions already; but does it work or is it just another non-effective program full of hot air?

New York, NY, March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Commission Hero Pro is a digital marketing training system created by Robby Blanchard, the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

In Commission Hero Pro, Robby teaches you how to use proven strategies to generate up to $1,000 per day online. The course consists of an 8 week masterclass, digital marketing software, and other materials.

Can you really make $1,000 per day with Clickbank? What will you learn in Commission Hero Pro? Is it worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about Commission Hero Pro today in our review.

What is Commission Hero Pro?

Commission Hero Pro is an online training program from Robby Blanchard, one of the world’s most successful Clickbank affiliates.

The program consists of an 8 week masterclass, professional digital marketing software, and a toolkit of resources. The course is priced at around $2,500.

Clickbank, for those out of the loop, is an ecommerce platform featuring eBooks, supplements, and other products. The platform connects affiliates (people who want to sell products online) with product makers (like supplement companies and eBook writers). Affiliates earn commissions as high as 75% per sale.

Some of the best affiliates earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year through Clickbank, while the most successful affiliates earn millions per year.

In Commission Hero Pro, Robby teaches you how to use proven Clickbank marketing strategies to generate up to $1,000 per day. Some of Robby’s students claim to make $30,000 per month with these strategies, which works out to roughly $1,000 per day.

Across the 8 week masterclass, Robby will explain the strategies he uses to make money through Clickbank – and how ordinary people could earn similar returns by following along and utilizing his strategies outlined in the Commission Hero Pro training program.

How Does Commission Hero Pro Work?

Commission Hero Pro is an all-in-one Clickbank marketing course. Robby teaches you everything you need to know about selling products online through Clickbank – and earning returns as high as $1,000 per day.

Here’s how Robby introduces the system:

“This Is The Training To Turn You PRO Online...Literally Everything You Need....Start making money with this system...Anyone can do this and have massive success. Even if you only have a few hours per can do this and start generating income. Everything You Need To Scale Up To $1k/day Profit Is In Commission Hero PRO”

Robby claims ordinary people with limited experience or skills can use his program to earn as much as $1,000 per day in profits. By scaling your Clickbank empire correctly, you could earn huge returns in just a few hours per week.

The seven components within Commission Hero Pro include:

Component 1: 8 Week Live Masterclass: This is the core of the Commission Hero Pro training program. It’s an online course featuring videos, guides, and PDF eBooks. It teaches you how Robby works – and how you can implement Robby’s proven system to create your own Clickbank marketing empire. The masterclass contains all of the help, coaching, resources, and software you need to “guarantee your success” with Clickbank marketing. You can learn step-by-step how to earn $100s per day, then transform that into $1,000s per day. You get tools, training, strategy, and help to see amazing results with your Clickbank business, among other perks.

Component 2: CH Pro Toolkit: Robby has built custom tools to improve your chances of success. Some of his tools include software for writing ad copy and setting up ads within 30 seconds, software for finding hidden audiences of buyers, software that triples your advertising profits, and more. Robby claims he has spent over $100,000 developing these tools and that they’ll save you a huge amount of money as you start your Clickbank empire.

Component 3: CH Pro Quiz Building Software: Your purchase comes with Pro Quiz Building Software. It’s a turnkey software that turns clicks into cash. Just plug and play the software using Robby’s high-converting templates. You can instantly create websites and landing pages that drive conversions t your offers. Robby claims this software has been proven to work and has been tested on nearly 1 million quiz visitors. You also get all of Robby’s experience and expertise to accelerate results with this software.

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Component 4: Million Dollar Offer Vault: In this component, Robby explains how you can access exclusive offers to generate $100 to $400 per sale. You negotiate exclusive deals with publishers for the highest-converting offers, generating huge returns and solidifying your Clickbank empire. Robby explains how to eliminate the boring, time-consuming product research while identifying the highest-converting offers.

Component 5: The Traffic Money Machine: Robby shares his secrets for driving profitable traffic to your offers, which is crucial for any digital marketing campaign. This component features a step-by-step blueprint to deliver hundreds of sales per day – even if you have failed in the past. Robby highlights strategies for getting dirt cheap clicks from people who are dying to buy the products you are promoting. He also describes his “Pro Rocket” method to scale up your business faster than ever.

Component 6: Rapid Scale Training: This component teaches you how to go from spending zero to thousands a day profitably in fewer than 30 days. By paying for traffic through ads, you can push targeted, quality traffic to your offers and drive real conversions. This component explains how it works, how to scale it, and how to use paid traffic to build your Clickbank empire.

Component 7: Commission Hero Community: You also get access to the Commission Hero community, which includes like-minded individuals who have also published Commission Hero Pro. You get support from the community, 24/7 customer service from Robby and his team, and a network of people who can help drive your success.

Robby claims all of these products are worth $30,982.

Overall, Robby claims this is the training you need to help you turn pro online. Maybe you’ve failed at Clickbank marketing before. Maybe you’re making a few hundred dollars per week but want to make thousands of dollars per day. Maybe you’ve never heard of Clickbank but want to make money online. Whatever group you fall into, Robby has pieced together his Commission Hero Pro training package so that anyone can apply and implement his strategies.

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Bonuses Included with Commission Hero Pro

Commission Hero Pro includes several bonuses with all purchases, including:

Bonus #1: Access to the Next Commission Hero Virtual Event: All purchases come with a free ticket to the next Commission Hero virtual event featuring Robby, his team, and special guests. You get two full days of insider training, coaching, and strategies. You’ll hear from experts who make millions per year online. You can discover proven strategies to increase website traffic and sales. You can also discover strategies that give you a competitive advantage. You receive access to all of these videos after the next event.

Bonus #2: $100K Done For You Campaigns: This bonus includes 8 of the best campaigns that have generated millions of dollars for Robby and his students. These done for you (DFY) campaigns allow you to plug and play different offers to generate huge returns. If you want a proven digital marketing system that you could use to generate massive returns through Clickbank marketing, then this guide may be the right choice for you.

Bonus #3: My Personal Ad Library: Robby bundles a personal advertisement library with all purchases. You get access to Robby’s private library of advertisements, including 1,000 images from Robby’s personal library. Robby claims many of these images have made him “millions,” and you get access to all of them.

Bonus #4: 7 Figure DFY Copy Swipe Files: Copy is the key to success with online marketing. Copy is the difference between a successful campaign – and a failed campaign. In this guide, Robby includes done for you advertising copy. You can borrow this copy and use it in your own campaigns. Robby developed this copy by himself and in partnership with his 7 figure copywriter. You get access to premade advertising copy and sales copywriting training.

Bonus Module: Million Dollar Insider Training: Robby gives you his “golden goose” training guide, including the strategies that have made him millions. He includes scaling tactics, advertising account development strategies, credit card tricks, sales strategies, and more. You can learn how Robby commands higher commissions, for example, and how he increases sales by 25% and more, among other tactics.

Bonus Module: The Commission Hero Card: Robby bundles a debit card with all purchases. The card gives you 2.2% cash back on purchases. Robby recommends using this card when paying for advertising online, as it “will help you scale to $1k per day fast.” There are no added fees for the card.

Commission Hero Pro Pricing

Commission Hero Pro is priced at $2,497 or three payments of $997. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Visit the official website for Commission Hero Pro and hear directly from Robby Blancard right now.

1 Payment: $2,497

3 Payments: $997 each, billed 30 days apart

Commission Hero Pro Refund Policy

Robby offers a 30 day refund policy on Commission Hero Pro.

Robby claims that if you don’t see results within 30 days of following his training program, then he doesn’t want your money.

If you’re unhappy with Commission Hero Pro and its training program for any reason within 30 days, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

How Much Money Can You Make with Commission Hero Pro?

Robby lets it be known to the world that he is the #1 Clickbank marketer. He is very transparent in revealing how he has made millions through the platform. There are all kinds of support in the form of encouraging feedback and positive signs of users of Robby's affiliate marketing system who have found success utilizing the strengths CHP opportunity offers.

In recent years, Robby has helped students get similar success through the program and highlights that all over the official Commission Hero Pro product page. The Commission Hero Pro's official website is stacked of stories from students who were generating anywhere from $1,000 per day to $30,000 per day by following Robby’s advice. May be hard to fathom these results are remotely doable, but Robby's transparency and thus likely approach is to be beneficial in nature based on a tried and true system that catapulted him into the crown of being the number one affiliate in the world for a highly reputable marketplace platform in Clickbank.

Robby is careful to explain that these results are not guaranteed, and that the success or failure of your business depends on many factors. He simply gives you the tools to potentially reach the next level. There are many Clickbank screenshots of sales and earnings flying around that appears to be a direct result of leveraging the strategies inside Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero Pro training program.

However, some of the documented earnings with screenshots on the sales page reveal how the Commission Hero Pro yielded very lucrative gains for some, including:

  • One student generated $4,890.91 to $34,923.96 per day over a two week stretch; that student’s next goal is to reach $1 million per month in sales, as he currently claims to make $2,564.19 to $170,454.83 in sales*
  • Another student posted gross earnings of $6,389.57 to $18,629.86 per day throughout January and February, earning as much as $83,761.66 by following Robby’s training program*
  • One student rose their Clickbank account from $0 per day to $1,045.51 per day in a two week stretch by following Robby’s training program; that student generated $0 per day from December 18 to December 23, then rose to gross earnings as high as $1,045.51 by January 1*
  • One student received Clickbank Platinum status for 2021 after following Robby’s training program, which means they’re among the top 1% of sellers on Clickbank*

The program's official page is full of similar earnings claims that more or less meant to represent the walk the walk, as opposed to not just the talk the talk like most guru affiliate marketing training systems that are built on hot air and hypey fluff. Most of these earning claims are shared through the Commission Hero Pro Facebook page as well. As far as we can tell, many Commission Hero Pro students are generating significant returns after following Robby’s program. Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero Pro is the accumulation of massive amounts of trial and error over the last handful of years, constantly fine tuning and dialing in working strategies that anyone can do with the right toolset and guide.

If there are any unanswered questions, concerns or customer inquires, it is best to reach out directly to Robby's support team for Commission Hero Pro.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard has a story like all of us but his appears to be as a retired fitness coach from a small town in Massachusetts. From there, obviously the catchy claim to be the world’s #1 Clickbank affiliate is quite a resume builder to start with as well. But the more digging one does about Robby Blanchard, not only about Commission Hero Pro, the engine behind its growth, there is quite a compelling story to capture through his natural progression of becoming a world-class affiliate marketer.

Robby attended Fitchburg State College, where he studied exercise science. He later earned his MBA. After graduating, Robby opened a gym called CrossFit Reach. To expand that gym’s presence, Robby toyed with paid Facebook advertising and discovered he had a talent for it. A decade later, Robby is an expert marketer – and his CrossFit gym is one of the country’s most successful CrossFit gyms.

Robby wrote a book called “How to Make $1K A Day,” where he teaches people how to make $1,000 per day with no product, team, or business experience whatsoever. Just follow Robby’s three steps to earn huge returns.

Robby is verified on Instagram, where he has over 300,000 followers. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox.

Today, Robby sells various products under the Commission Hero brand, including Commission Hero Pro (the course being reviewed today) and Commission Hero live events, among other products and services. There is a lot more that could be said about Commission Hero Pro's Robby Blanchard, but it is far better to hear it directly from the source via the official website to get more details about the $26 Million Dollar Case Study for free.

You can learn more about Robby Blanchard and his company, Blanchard Media, through his official website at

Final Word

The world’s #1 Clickbank marketer, Robby Blanchard, has announced a new course called Commission Hero Pro. That course teaches you how to generate thousands of dollars per day online through Clickbank affiliate commissions.

In the $2,500 course, Robby teaches you his proven methods for generating income online. You also get access to Robby’s software, advertising copy tools, images, advertising systems, and more. It’s an all-in-one kit for building your Clickbank empire.

All in all, there is one thing for certain when it comes to online businesses and affiliate marketing systems; and that is the real advantages recognized when one can gain from following the right people (or person) and acting on the right information. Full stop, Robby Blanchard is largely known as the number one affiliate in the world and is featuring a free $26 Million Dollar Case Study that is asking if users are ready to discover the key to making thousands per day online? The never before seen system is showcased in a cutting edge workshop through a simple three step process that ordinary people can make work based on Robby's methods.

To sweeten the system's naturally attractive offer, Robby Blanchard and team is offering a 30-day money back guarantee on the Commission Hero Pro program. It takes a big commitment to spend the $997 or $2,497 it takes to get the exclusive details about Robby's system and the multitude of success stories shared on the official website. The decision to follow the right person and act on the right information could be a game changer for anyone keen to learn from one of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing game who has opened up his system to those interested in the opportunity to educate themselves and even execute just like the number one affiliate for Clickbank does today.

To learn more about Commission Hero Pro and how Robby Blanchard's affiliate marketing program works, visit online today at

Official Website -

Contact Details: Commission Hero

Telephone: 5044752192


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