The David Malcolm Scholarship Is a Chance for Students to Overcome Challenges

The David Malcolm Scholarship is ideal for students looking for assistance in achieving the education they need to better their lives (or circumstances). From high school seniors to college students, this scholarship can make the difference for continued success.

San Diego, CA, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Students around the world struggle to get the education they deserve. Whether due to personal challenges in life or at home, where they live, or other obstacles, the ability to benefit from a sound education simply isn’t universal. This is what the David Malcolm Scholarship can help change.

It’s a scholarship that is designed for those who have overcome the roadblocks and challenges that life tends to present and are looking to continue their education. Sometimes, a helping hand is needed to ensure a fair chance to succeed.

Thanks to the David Malcolm Scholarship, students have a chance to earn $2,500 to go toward their continuing education. It’s the perfect opportunity for a student in need. Eligible candidates need to submit a 1,000-word essay that discusses a current challenge they are facing and how the David Malcolm Scholarship will make it possible for them to overcome it.

How to Submit the David Malcolm Scholarship Essay

Interested applicants must be a high school senior who has already been accepted into an accredited college or university. Full-time students who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university are also eligible.

Furthermore, students must have a current grade point average of at least 3.5. The deadline to complete and submit essays is June 30, 2021. Selections will take place the following month to determine the winner. Once a winner is determined, they will be notified via email.

Once the selected winner of the David Malcolm Scholarship has been notified, they will have two weeks to claim their prize. From there, more extensive information will be requested from the winning student.

No stranger to overcoming obstacles to success, David Malcolm wants to provide his support and looks forward to seeing the difference this scholarship makes in a student’s life.

It’s this kind of opportunity that defines him – a true philanthropist with a heart offering a life-changing scholarship.

About David Malcolm
David Malcolm is a San Diego-based entrepreneur, real estate expert, and community leader. Having a long and successful career in real estate, he knows the importance of giving back. Among his various philanthropic endeavors, he is most passionate about helping the homeless get their lives back on track. He and his wife Annie also support several education-related initiatives, two San Diego gymnasiums and other charitable non-profits.

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