Top 10 Real Estate Leaders To Watch Out For In 2021

San juan, Puerto Rico, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today we at HighKey Agency are going to cover  “Top 10 Real Estate Leaders in 2021”. They say there is always money in real estate, but that doesn’t mean those who see success in the industry can slack off or that it’s a walk in the park. Whether working as a solo act or with a team of dozens, whether they’re renovating apartments, selling family homes, or selling mansions to the rich and famous, building a business from the ground up and seeing success with it takes passion and dedication. 

For some people, passion and dedication are hard to come by, but none of the people on this list fall into that category. Whether it’s digging to the core of the Earth just to say that they could or lifting the sky on their shoulders to help their families, the people on this list have passion and dedication in spades.

Considering that, here are the top ten real estate leaders to keep an eye on as we progress through 2021.

Annetta Powell

Born to deaf parents in Pontiac, Michigan, Annetta knows what it means to work hard and defy the odds. She learned from a young age that if she wanted more out of life, she would have to make it happen herself.

At the age of 24, Annetta realized that climbing the corporate ladder and working for someone else would never give her the life she wanted. She had to think bigger.
Since 2001, she’s formed her very own real estate investment firm, Infinity Properties Group, which has done over $50 million in real estate sales. She’s also built five tax franchises known as The Tax Experts and a luxury party bus company, and published her first book, Finding, Fixing, and Flipping Properties. While most would relax, Annetta is just getting started, now helping others realize their own success through The Wealth Connect, an initiative created to accelerate entrepreneurs toward success.

Like every great success story, her journey has been challenging. 2009 brought forth a real estate-fueled recession that affected the entire nation, and making matters worse, Annetta was indicted for fraud and was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison.

Instead of giving up, she had a comeback unlike any other. She rebuilt her real estate empire, created her dream life, and now aims to help millions of others overcome their obstacles and create their own dream lives. 

Ralph DiBugnara

Ralph DiBugnara is a successful real estate guru, advisor, and problem-solver, but that wasn’t always the case. Ralph grew up in Brooklyn, New York, watching his father work multiple jobs to take care of the family. Seeing this, it fed Ralph’s determination to work as hard as possible and improve his fortunes.

It’s no surprise that he started his own business, eventually leading to the real estate industry. Everything worthwhile takes work, of course, but if Ralph and his team can survive the 2008 recession, then they can make it through anything. He’s eager to learn and stay in shape, keeping himself at the top of his game for whatever else may come.

He’s also eager to share what he knows. The Disruptors Network is a series devoted to interviewing successful guests to get lesser-known tips and secrets behind their success to help the audience grow and learn and discover their own paths to entrepreneurship. While Ralph maintains that vigilance and a competitive streak will take people further than anything else, a helping hand now and then never hurts.

Robby Clark

Born in Chicago before moving to Florida, then Ontario Canada at 5, Robby Clark was a busy child. Through his teenage years, he was a successful Canadian actor. Though he gradually lost interest in acting, his passion for life never wavered. After spending all his money from acting and a brief stint in producing and singing, Robby fell in love with the world of business at 25 years old. Robby had no formal education beyond grade eight, which he credits as part of his flexibility and creativity.

What started with one small home has expanded to multiple businesses, including SID Developments, which consists of a network of companies that help manage his real estate empire. Robby has accumulated over 250 properties, surpassing nine figures in holdings by adding value to depressed properties across Ontario. Robby is also the founder of eFresh Meals, which delivers prepared meals across Canada, and a local landscaping company.

Though Robby has seen his fair share of failures, he chooses to use this as a springboard for future success. Everyone fails eventually, and according to Robby, “I’ve failed faster and harder than others. Thus, I learn faster.” Robby also believes providing a “value over profit” approach to all his companies has been fundamental in his ability to bounce back.

When it comes to determination, he will not quit, saying, “I will dig to China with a plastic shovel.” It’s his belief in himself, ambition to learn, and willingness to trust his delegates that have gotten him to where he is now.

Dylan Suitor

Dylan Suitor got into real estate investing when he was 17 with a student housing project in Waterloo, Ontario. Not long after achieving his real estate license he joined the Keller Williams Realty group and founded his team of 20 as the Elevation Realty Network. Dylan has been mentored by some of the top names in business and real estate.

Currently, Dylan is involved in six businesses, including construction, real estate, and commercial and residential painting. He is a key member of the Keller Williams Young Professionals, where he has been both President and Regional Ambassador and co-create The Real Estate Growth Summit, which raised over $110,000 for charity in 2019. Dylan is a leading sponsor of the REITE club.

A proud recipient of the Leadership Eagle Award, he was recently featured as one of the Top 7 People in Real Estate to Watch For in 2021 by, and he’s widely recognized as one of the top real estate consultants in the expansion of Keller Williams across Canada.

His focus for the Elevation Realty Network is growing teams within teams, allowing his agents to focus on growing their businesses. Dylan coaches his team members to be real estate consultants, as real estate is not only an emotional investment but also a business.

With the support of the Keller Williams community, Dylan firmly believes that he and his team will break through any ceiling of achievement by working off of systems and implementing proven models of success and technology.

Mat Moxness

Being acutely aware of the housing shortage in Canada, when Mathew Moxness looks at a neglected property he sees a highly profitable opportunity and a contributing solution to the housing shortage.

Mat is the founder of Crescendo Equity, a real estate investment company with holdings across Canada. He focuses on assets that others overlook, including defunct office buildings, hotels, and retirement centers. Through his tried-and-true strategy of asset repositioning, Mat converts under-performing supply into high-end apartment complexes, steadily chipping away at the housing shortage.

Mat's portfolio encompasses hundreds of multifamily and commercial units across the country, reflecting an eight-figure value and an acquisition pipeline of over 300 units.

Mat has been involved in entrepreneurship most of his working life, running multiple companies over the course of his career, including e-commerce and acquisitions in the manufacturing industry.

Mat credits real estate entrepreneurship for much of his professional growth. He's looking forward to shaking up the Canadian real estate and investment industries and encouraging others to do the same.

Mat’s work has been featured on HGTV and CHCH, among other notable home channels. He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate council, has a passion for learning and traveling, and is eager to spend time with those he loves while taking in new experiences.

Sam Primm

Sam Primm had an ordinary childhood in St. Louis, MO. He got his MBA and a good job soon after. However, it didn’t take him long to realize that “good” was not going to get him what he was looking for. After just a few years, he started looking into real estate investing, knowing it would be the best path to wealth. With his friend Lucas, they started with just one rental property.

Sam still works with Lucas, but they have quite a bit more than just one rental property now. They own 125 residential rental properties; two storage facilities; FasterHouse, a flipping company that bought and sold 204 houses in 2020; and FasterFreedom, an education company dedicated to helping real estate investors become financially free through real estate.

Sam’s real estate knowledge comes from podcasts, books, and trial and error. He’s made his fair share of mistakes, but he’s always bounced back. Once he found a mentor, everything was smooth sailing, and today, he looks forward to growing his companies even more and helping others understand the power of real estate.

Now, his goal is $100 million in real estate assets owned in the next seven years.

AJ Mida

AJ Mida is a real estate agent with eight years of experience. He moved to a new city without knowing anyone and quickly built one of the top teams in his market. 

He discovered, while selling real estate, one can earn a lot of money, they end up sacrificing too much. They miss too much time doing the things they love with the people they love.

He wanted a better way. He wanted freedom.Now with eXp Realty, AJ is in the top 20 of the entire company out of nearly 50,000 agents. He’s internationally known for building his team at eXp to over 3,400 agents using their unique revenue share model.

In 2018, AJ achieved financial freedom just five years after getting his real estate license. At that point, AJ and his wife looked at what was most important to them and ultimately decided to sell their house in Charlotte and travel the country in a Motorhome for a year. 

He’s now pursuing his passion, living full-time while helping agents build wealth so they, too, can achieve financial freedom. After all, life’s too short, and everyone only gets one. Go to for more info.

Melissa Meza

Melissa Meza grew up in San Diego, CA. Fresh out of college, she started working as a mortgage loan processor before moving to management, and eventually to the correspondent lending division, where she was managing $25 million warehouse lines. From there, she started her own private money lending company and loan processing company.

When the market crashed, Melissa went to work for a law firm, meeting a private investor and finding her calling in life. Using all of her past experiences, she began her investment career.

By now, Melissa has invested and deployed over $1 billion in capital as an operator. She’s flipped nearly 5,000 properties and successfully managed multiple investment funds, the largest being a $500 million institutional fund. Melissa’s also the co-founder of Rise Up Residential, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping to mitigate the homeless crisis in Southern California.

Now, Melissa wants to build passive income so she can see the world once her daughter graduates. She wants to provide for future generations of her family. However, her main goal over the next decade is to switch focus from a for-profit investment model to full time nonprofit and philanthropic work. Her goal is to help provide both affordable and no-cost housing to the most vulnerable members of society.

Sheraz Ali

Sheraz Ali was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a family-oriented community in Canada. He’s been involved in various businesses since the age of 16, from hospitality and entertainment to real estate and finance. A true business man at heart, he looks at real estate more so from a business position than a sales position. He’s been involved in real estate and investing for over a decade and he’s read every real estate book he can.

With a dual license in Vancouver British Columbia, Sheraz has a massive team of contractors, assistants, and marketers to lead the charge in sales, investments, and management. He owns 15 properties now, but he has high hopes for the next three years of making that number soar to 100.

He has a broad range of experiences and he’s well-versed in bouncing back from hardship and failure, though he wishes he had worked more closely with others in the industry when he was starting out to learn the ropes more quickly. Even so, he’s proven himself capable, and money has never been his primary focus. Self-sufficient, motivated, and eager to grow and learn new things, it’s no wonder that his plans for the future are so expansive.

Jesse Peters & Addison Herosian - Jesse Peters Team - Your Social Savvy® Realtors

Working as a team, it’s clear that Winnipeggers Jesse Peters and Addison Herosian value teamwork and capable mentoring. Over the past nine years, Jesse has risen from a real estate newcomer to a top producing agent and thought leader in the industry, and Addison comes from a long line of business owners and entrepreneurs. Together, they are ranked in the top 1% of realtors in their city thanks to their drive and passion for working together and thinking outside the box.

Addison dove into the real estate industry at just 20 years old and purchased his first rental property at 22, initiating his desire for his real estate license. Jesse, conversely, was 32 and well-established in marketing when an interviewer’s unexpected suggestion that he become a realtor caused him to reevaluate his path. Excited by the prospect and eager to bring a new twist to real estate marketing, he made the leap.

Along with helping clients buy and sell real estate, Jesse is focused on raising the bar in the real estate industry by educating his others on how to leverage video and social media in their markets. As an expert at utilizing video and social media and one of the Top 100 Trailblazers in Canadian Real Estate, further success is almost assured. Addison’s plans for 2021 are to continue guiding families and investors in residential real estate. With his winning bloodline, growing portfolio, thirst for knowledge, and Winnipeg Real Estate Medallions, he’s sure to make an impact. They care a great deal about educating others, hoping to take the real estate industry to the next level.

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