Axiomise Unveils Formal Verification 101 Training Program

Certification-Based Self-Paced On-Demand Continuing Education Program Includes Best Practices for Using Formal Verification

LONDON, April 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Axiomise, the leading provider of cutting-edge formal verification consulting, training, services, and IP, today unveiled a comprehensive introductory certification-based formal verification training program to further the adoption of formal for hardware verification and validation.

Formal Verification 101 is the only course to combine the three pillars of formal––theorem proving, model checking and equivalence checking––into a standalone, on-demand course that emphasizes an industrial application methodology.

With more than 50 modules, the course accelerates the learning curve for applied formal verification, leveraging best practices from experienced verification and education experts. The self-paced, introductory course is ideal for students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mathematics as well as digital designers and verification engineers working in the field of VLSI.

The continuing education training program has been field tested and constructed to lead a novice toward becoming a production-grade verification engineer. The course offers real-world, easy-to-understand examples and hands-on demonstrations using model checking, theorem proving and equivalence checking. It exposes common myths of formal verification and provides guidelines for successful adoption of formal in the industry.

“I’ve always said that achieving the ultimate goal of advanced formal signoff depends on about 20% tool and 80% skill,” remarks Harry Foster, chair of the IEEE 1850 Property Specification Language Working Group. “Yet, there has been a dearth of training material available that is essential for building expert-level formal skills. But not anymore! Dr Ashish Darbari has created the most comprehensive video course on the subject of applied formal methods that I have ever seen. This course should be required by any engineer with a desire to master the art, science, and skills of formal methods.”

As part of the program, Axiomise offers one-hour monthly teleconferencing sessions for networking and a question-and-answer session.

Students who complete the full course work and pass the final exam with 70% or greater grade will receive a certificate.

Availability and Pricing

The course is meant for managers, verification engineers and semiconductor designers who want to add formal verification to their skillset, as well as students who plan to enter the semiconductor industry. The self-paced course should take approximately nine to 12 hours to complete and will be available online for lifetime access to students.

Pricing is $750 (£500) with an introductory discount of 40%. Bulk purchases are also available to engineering groups and universities. Student discounts are offered.

About Axiomise

Axiomise is dedicated to furthering adoption of formal verification through its unique combination of training, consulting, services and specialized verification solutions for RISC-V. Founded by Dr. Ashish Darbari, a 20-year passionate driver for formal methods adoption, it offers cutting-edge, formal verification training, consulting and services. An active user of all formal technologies, including theorem proving, model checking and equivalence checking, Dr. Darbari and his team has trained more than 200 engineers across the semiconductor industry. Dr Darbari has 38 U.S., U.K. and European Union patents in the field of formal verification.

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