Tricol Biomedical co-develops cutting-edge convenience kit with Tactical Medical Solutions

Portland, Oregon, UNITED STATES

Portland, OR, April 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tricol Biomedical and Tactical Medical Solutions® have partnered to launch the next generation of the OLAES® Modular Bandage. By combining the proven battlefield effectiveness of HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO with the time-tested OLAES® Modular Bandage, the two companies have created a cutting-edge convenience kit - the OLAES® Hemostatic Modular Bandage. Being highly hemostatic in effect and modular in its flexibility, this is an industry first with the ability to treat multiple injury profiles – all in one package.

"My colleagues and I have used HemCon bandages/dressings on the battlefield. The technology and product integrity are best-in-class. At TacMed, our vision is to bring products to first responders that serve a specific purpose.  The  OLAES® Bandage was developed with just this in mind, and we have outfitted the market with millions of these bandages. Now we get to elevate this product and its performance with the trusted HemCon ChitoGauze. The knowledge and experience Tricol brought to the table was the best I’ve ever seen," says Alan Hester, TacMed’s COO.

“Partnering with TacMed to develop a solution that fits a real need in trauma settings was a great fit for both organizations,” says Marc De Pasquale, Tricol’s Director of Pre-Hospital Global Market.  “Having used trauma dressings in the field personally, I know how impactful this convenience kit is going to be to this industry.”

The OLAES® Hemostatic Modular Bandage consists of a trauma dressing with elastic wrap, 4 yards of battlefield proven HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO, and a true pressure cup which can also act as an eye cup. HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO is a hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control of moderately bleeding wounds and also includes an x-ray detectible thread.

During use of the OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage, the hemostatic gauze is packed into the wound, and the elastic dressing is wrapped around the wound site to apply pressure while keeping the gauze in place. The OLAES® Modular Bandage was designed with direct input from some of the most experienced combat medics in the world. Thoughtful features, such as “easy deploy” ChitoGauze® and Velcro® control strips on the elastic roll, ensure simple and effective use in high-stress trauma situations.

The new OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage can be found at and other approved distributors.

About Tricol Biomedical

Tricol Biomedical is a fully integrated medical device company that is dedicated to significantly advancing the standard of care in hemostatic and wound care solutions with the HemCon® brand of products. Tricol offers an innovative focus on bleeding control products from Trauma Management to Procedural Care to Consumer Care, and the Tricol portfolio now features over-the-counter advanced wound care products as well. Tricol Biomedical is fully committed to innovation in bleeding control and wound care technology. To learn more about bleeding control products from Tricol Biomedical, please visit

 About TacMed Solutions®

Tactical Medical Solutions® is a global leading developer and manufacturer of pre-hospital medical gear for the tactical and civilian world. TacMed was founded in 2003 by a Special Forces medic who created the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet. The SOF® Tourniquet is one of the original tourniquets approved for use by the Department of Defense, recommended for use by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and is the tourniquet of choice for the American Red Cross. While TacMed’s original purpose was supporting the military, environments changed and TacMed progressed into servicing Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Rescue, and now the civilian market. As a result, their product line has expanded greatly and is constantly evolving.



The OLAES® Hemostatic Modular Bandage combines the globally recognized OLAES® Modular Bandage with battle-tested HemCon® ChitoGauze® PRO, creating the most comprehensive trauma bandage for multiple injury profiles.

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