WIMI Builds a Hologram Cloud Ecosystem in High-Simulation AI Light Field Vision as 5G Is Lighting up the Future of the AR Industry

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HONG KONG, April 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report "WIMI Builds a Hologram Cloud Ecosystem in High-Simulation AI Light Field Vision as 5G Is Lighting up the Future of the AR Industry". The mature of 5G technology has greatly improved the AR/VR experience and is liked by more consumers. According to the newly released "IDC Global Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide", IDC estimates that the scale of global spending on the AR/VR market in 2020 will reach $12.07 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 43.8%.

In addition, IDC's ten AR/VR market forecasts for 2021 also pointed out that there are obvious signs of recovery after the AR/VR investment and financing, and the attractiveness of the AR field in 2021 will be stronger than that of VR.

The complexity of the epidemic and product technology has promoted the development of the AR industry. The emergence of 5G is the "engine" that will continue to promote the development of the AR industry in the future.

Each generation of network revolution will lead to a revolution in information technology terminals. The ADSL network express in the late 1990s allowed PCs to enter the home as personal consumer goods. 1G network made analog mobile terminals, that is, cellular phone. As for the 2G network, it made digital mobile terminals, feature phones. 3G network made smartphones, and 4G network made achievements with the second network revolution based on smartphones. Various applications have penetrated all aspects of our work and life, and mobile phones have become an extension of our organs.

For any revolutionary new technology and product, its development logic must be military, industry, commercial, and consumer products. Now AR technology is equivalent to the development of computers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The stage is the stage of military and industrial applications. Other industries also have applications, but they are far from large-scale.

So 5G is here and it will be officially commercialized. What kind of intelligent information technology terminals will be achieved? After PCs and mobile phones, the third-generation computing platform, AR augmented reality, which has a huge amount of data transmission and processing and huge consumption of computing resources, is about to emerge. In the 5G era, mobile computing terminals will theoretically enjoy unlimited computing power, depending on how much you buy.

The golden decade of the first-generation computing platform computer was 1980-1990. These ten years was the key decade for the computer industry applied to business to move towards applying to the consumer after the mature application of the computing platform. The golden decade of the second-generation computing platform mobile phone was 2005-2015, and these ten years are the golden ten years for mobile phones to replace feature phones to penetrate our work and life. According to some predictions, the golden decade of the third generation of computing platform AR glasses will be 2015-2025. This decade will enable AR glasses to move toward the consumer market, like the computer in the 1980s.

5G not only has a large bandwidth but can also achieve fast file downloads. More importantly, 5G has a stronger uplink capability and can easily upload large files instantly. Furthermore, 5G can ensure that data is instantly transmitted to the device.

Another example is the 3D rendering business. When performing cloud 3D rendering, file transfer speed becomes the most important factor affecting customer experience. At this time, 5G with low latency and high bandwidth has become the key.

For the future development of the AR industry, AR will become an important part of people's daily lives in the next 10 years. By using new forms of visualization, people using AR will be as common as using the Internet to surf the Internet today.

As far as China's holography is concerned, represented by WIMI, the WIMI holographic cloud industry ecosystem covers systems, platforms, development tools, applications, and consumer content. WIMI is positioned as an integrated service provider of the WIMI holographic cloud industry chain with content platform construction and content provision as the core.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has the leading AR holographic application platform in China. It is currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education, and other industries. Besides, its hardware environment is relatively mature, which is very beneficial to the development of software and content in these fields. According to Frost & Sullivan, from the perspective of total revenue in 2017, WIMI is already China's leading holographic AR application platform. In addition, WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In terms of revenue, the number of customers, holographic AR content, and the number of holographic AR patents and software copyrights, WIMI ranks first in China's holographic AR industry. In 2018, WIMI Hologram Cloud owned about 4654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technical patents.

As the 5G holographic communication network bandwidth conditions change, the 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment and holographic conferences will gradually become popular in holographic social, holographic communication, holographic navigation, and holographic home applications. WIMI Hologram Cloud plans to use holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face-changing technology as its core technologies. Moreover, it will use multiple technologically innovative systems to support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications.

According to the prospectus, WIMI services will be deeply integrated with 5G. With the cooperation of 5G's high speed and low latency, the average transmission delay of remote communication and data transmission from the system terminal to the service server is about 6ms, which is much lower than the 4G network transmission delay. It guarantees the Hologram AR's long-distance communication and data transmission without stuttering and low delay. Moreover, it also assures the richness and diversity of multi-terminal remote coordination, and time interaction, which makes the collaboration of end + cloud collaboration more efficient. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications will enable WIMI's Hologram AR advertising business and Hologram AR entertainment business, as well as Hologram interactive entertainment, Hologram conference, Hologram social networking, Hologram communications, Hologram family, will be based on the core technologies of 5G+AI face recognition technology and Hologram AI face change technology to achieve effective growth.

AR is a cross-discipline of AI (artificial intelligence) and human-computer interaction. It is a human-computer hybrid AI. Computing terminals are closely related to communication operators, while they need a computing platform to get through, and data needs to be presented on a computing platform, just like the Internet is for PCs and 4G networks are for mobile phones.

With the advent of the 5G era, AR/VR will develop into the next-generation general computing platform in the future, becoming the third-generation computing platform after PCs and mobile phones, bringing us from "2D connection" to "3D connection". AR/VR will also develop from the current productivity tool into an "organ" of our body, enhance human abilities, and finally integrate into all aspects of our life and work. AR glasses will completely replace mobile phones and all screens in the near future.

AR is the best "connection". Connection is the most important need of our human beings. The origin of our current business is actually "connection". From ancient times to the present, human beings have been doing "connection". Business is a connection, communication is a connection, and information sharing is also a connection. Before the information age, we were connected face-to-face. The benefits of this connection are real. It is a 3D connection, but the efficiency is extremely low. We often need to rely on our legs or with the help of animals, cars, and other tools to achieve this. In the information age, we are connected, and efficiency has increased exponentially. However, most of the connections have changed from 3D to 2D, with more help from tools such as phones and the Internet. The invention of AR products will bring us back to the era of 3D connections, and the reality of contextualization. At that time, each of us will have a digital "clone", which enable us to stay in the same scene.

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