Recyclus Group production of black mass will contribute towards the 100% of Li-Ion batteries being recycled by 2022


LONDON, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recyclus Group, a subsidiary of Technology Minerals, are delighted with the pre-production of Li-Ion black mass.

The black mass has a range of global off-taker clients and opportunities making it a very valuable element of recycling Li-Ion batteries. There are four key stages of the Recyclus process, which culminates the high-quality dry powder.

A production plant based in the UK is still on course to be fully functioning during Q4 of 2021. Whilst the location is still undecided, an update will be provided in due course.

Currently, 99% of Li-Ion batteries are recyclable under the current Recyclus process, this will go up to 100% in 2022, therefore securing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for electric car batteries.

Technology Minerals is set to begin an RTO on the London Stock Exchange imminently.

Alex Stanbury, CEO of Technology Minerals, commented on the production of the black mass and the future of recycling:

“These latest developments are not to be downplayed, we are excited by the future because these latest developments will help in securing a greener future for our sector. We believe that this is a big step forward towards a more sustainable industry. We have plans for a UK based production plant in Q4, and we are very much on course to secure the future.”

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Recyclus Group production of black mass