Amfeltec’s New Arowana PCIe Half-height (2U) SSD Board is the Fastest Ruggedized SSD Board on the Market

MARKHAM, Ontario, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amfeltec Corporation announced today that it’s new 2U PCI Express Gen 3 SSD Board is in full production. This is the latest addition to Amfeltec’s Arowana PCI Express SSD Board Family(TM).

“The trend to move from mechanical hard drives to SSD affects many sectors, including industrial and automotive. Our Arowana PCIe SSD Board Family will equip players in those sectors with the first extremely fast and ruggedized storage solution,” said Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corp. “The reason our new Arowana board is the fastest on the market is because it incorporates up to eight independent x4 PCI express Gen 3 SSDs. They can be combined in a RAID to reach a read and write speed of over 11.8 Gb/sec.”

It is a one-slot-wide, half-height (2U), half-length PCI Express Gen 3 SSD Board with a storage capacity of 8 TB (optionally 4 TB), and industrial or automotive operation rates (-40°C to +95°C, and -40°C to +105°C, respectively).

The SSD board has a solid design, and connects to the motherboard via exchangeable male x16 PCI Express adapters (optionally x8). This allows the SSD board to be inserted into different sizes of PCI Express connectors without encountering well-known limitations (US Pat. #9,996,495; US Pat. #10,664,431).

This board’s thermal design is based on the combination of two anodized aluminum heatsinks, located on both sides of the board (top and bottom). An additional bottom heatsink has an optional low-noise fan with a self-adjusting operation speed. This fan allows for board deployment to locations where the air flow is poor or obstructed.

The board also has real-time performance and temperature monitoring capability (US Pat. # 10,481,660).

Arowana PCI Express SSD Boards operate on any motherboard, and do not require motherboard bifurcation support.

Arowana Family currently includes the following PCIe SSD boards:

SKU-090-01-x1(x1 PCIe Gen 3, 1U form factor, 1 TB capacity)
  (optionally 512MB, 256MB or 128MB)
SKU-090-01-x4 (x4 PCIe Gen 3, 1U form factor, 1 TB capacity)
  (optionally 512MB, 256MB or 128MB)
SKU-090-38-x8(x8 PCIe Gen 3, 2U form factor, 8 TB capacity)
  (optionally 4 TB)
SKU-090-38-x16(x16 PCIe Gen 3, 2U form factor, 8 TB capacity)
  (optionally 4 TB)

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About Amfeltec Corporation:
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