Meet the branding experts guiding businesses to success in 2021


London, Apr. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) // Whether right at the start of your business journey or well-established and looking to take things to the next level — the right branding can be instrumental in helping you to achieve your goals. That’s why finding a branding expert to guide you to success is of the utmost importance according to Bloom Communications.

Take a look at the top branding experts guiding businesses to success in 2021.

Brittany Good (@goodhause + @bisousbrit)

Los Angeles-based Brittany Tran leads a standout team of problem solvers with a myriad of creative talents at her branding and marketing agency, Good Hause.

Brittany said: “I truly believe we all thrive when we rise together. That’s why I started Good Hause in 2019 with a dream to uplift and innovate through emotionally-driven marketing experiences, leveraging the power of emotions and stories to amplify women and Asian American visionary voices.

“It’s so much more than just marketing — it’s about taking action towards doing something for the good of our generation and the next.”

Brittany and her team provide their clients with creative growth and retainer marketing services, including consulting, campaign planning, content creation and strategy. They aim to grow their clients’ brands and leave them free to focus on results by using their collective agency expertise to take intentional and curated creative risks, pulling inspiration from the traditional and the contemporary — all at a fraction of the cost for even the most experienced marketing director.

Brittany added: “At Good Hause, we work with women and Asian American business owners across a number of sectors including food, tech and wellness who are looking to elevate their idea into something with huge impact, and each and every one of the team brings deep experience in transforming established businesses into digital forward brands that speak to a younger generation of potential customers while remaining true to their core values. Our clients are thought leaders who believe in taking creative risks, social change and well-being for everyone. I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together and can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.”

Ariel Garcia (@theblogstop)

Ariel Garcia is on a mission to help her clients build obsession-worthy brands and campaigns through artful design backed by meaningful strategy, courtesy of her creative design agency, The Blog Stop.

Ariel said: “We work with businesses that are rebranding, repositioning or ready to rise to the top of their industry. It starts with identifying how and why they stand out in the market, and then building a strategy and visual identity that makes their customers obsessed with what they do.

“Each of our clients get visual design and creative services that are totally unique to them. Every single project we create is different! It’s our signature blend of strategy with the coolest, most creative design we can think of — and we love it!”

The team at The Blog Stop caters for creative business with a big vision at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, with a downloadable website template shop for those just getting started as well as bespoke, done-for-you creative design services.

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Diana Rocca (@drerocmarketing)

Diana Rocca uses her impressive background as a corporate brand strategist to help her clients build a clear brand and marketing roadmap for their businesses so they can thrive efficiently — by saving valuable time, money and energy in the long run.

Diana said: “I’m a classically trained brand strategist from the corporate marketing world — working at great companies like Pepsi, Dare Foods, and Loblaws. My purpose shifted into now changing the lives of business owners by helping them build a brand customers easily say ‘yes’ to. I empower businesses by making meaningful impacts on their brands so they can in turn do the same for those they serve, and so I launched DREROC Marketing Strategy in January 2019.

“I’ve seen first hand just how transformative effective branding can be for businesses at any stage of their journey — as well as how damaging it can be if the process is done incorrectly. That’s why I’m so passionate about providing my clients the right steps and tools to build their brand first (who you are) and then move onto marketing execution (how you do it). Rushing into marketing before establishing your fundamentals, like your brand identity and positioning, is putting the cart before the horse — it doesn’t work.”

Diana offers consulting and coaching programs in both private and group settings, as well as self-paced online courses. She also hosts workshops, masterclasses, and a Facebook community where brand bosses can get her expert advice and connect with other ambitious entrepreneurs.

Diana said: “Nothing compares to seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they start seeing the positive results from their new strategy. I help move them from feeling stuck to unstuck and from frustrated to encouraged through proven methods that put the consumer first because this is how brands truly win. It’s a big shift yet so effective and I can’t wait to share it with as many people as possible!”

Heather Roma (@turningscenes)

Atlanta-based screenwriter and branding strategist, Heather Roma, helps small business owners to develop and clarify their brand so they can connect with and attract their ideal clients.

Heather said: “My clients are usually either right at the beginning or in the early stages of their business journey — but all of them are lacking a clear direction for their brand and messaging. Effectively communicating their vision for their business is a struggle for them and as a result all of their marketing efforts feel disjointed and aren’t producing the results they need.

“For me, the answer lies in storytelling. Stories create connection, build credibility and trust, and they sell! My background in screenwriting means I know exactly how to structure and tell engaging entrepreneurial stories that connect with ideal clients on a deeper level — just like in the cinema. When you tell your business story with all the elements that comprise an exciting film, you can attract your ideal client with ease.”

Heather offers a series of 1:1 and group workshops for clients looking to create a cohesive foundation for their brand — from writing your business story in three acts like a screenplay for a film, to turning this into a visual representation which becomes the foundation of the brand aesthetic and creating brand kits.

McKenna Bristol (@mckennamanagementservicesllc)

California-based McKenna Bristol helps online coaches, VAs and service providers to level up from doing everything themselves to create a strong and cohesive brand strategy — attracting more ideal clients and skyrocketing their sales.

McKenna said: “Branding is so much more than just the basic visual elements of your business — it’s the entire experience that potential, current and past clients have with you. A strong strategy is absolutely essential to be seen as an authority in your niche and can make all the difference for entrepreneurs who are unclear on their vision and are tired of endlessly tracking down new leads.”

Whether revamping their existing branding or starting from scratch, clients can work with McKenna on the design of their brand — from logo and palette design to customizable IG templates and fully-managed social media channels — through to a strategic deep dive and full brand strategy in her Brand Makeover package.

McKenna added: “So many of my clients come to me in the exact same position — completely overwhelmed, disorganized and rushing to pull posts together so they can keep up with their posting schedule.

“This often looks like using the same Canva templates as every other coach on Instagram, switching between colors every other week, and randomly creating graphics just for the sake of having something to post — and all of this adds up to a pretty chaotic feed that means
they’re missing out on crucial leads for their business. I’m here to change that!”

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