Ageas announces the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders of ageas SA/NV

Brussels, BELGIUM

Ageas announces the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders of ageas SA/NV

Since the quorum required for the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 22 April 2021 will not be attained, ageas SA/NV is organising the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders (the "Meeting") on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 10:30 a.m. The Meeting is being held at The Egg, Barastraat 175, 1070 Brussels, and is being organised in accordance with the Corona measures applicable on the day of the Meeting. Shareholders are advised to consult the Ageas website ( for any additional information on this subject.

If the current measures remain unchanged, it will not be permitted to physically attend the Meeting. In that case, registered shareholders who have indicated that they wish to vote online will be able to follow the Meeting via a webcast. They are invited to consult in advance the Ageas website, where the procedure to log in for the webcast will be published. Ageas will provide registered shareholders who wish to vote online with individual login details at least 24 hours prior to the Meeting, based on the information available to the company. Shareholders can also vote using the proxy form or the voting form available on the Ageas website.

The general conditions for participating in the Meeting are available on the ageas website. The following documents about the Meeting can also be viewed here:

  • the convening notice, together with the agenda containing the items:
    • the discharge of liability,
    • the approval of the annual report and accounts for 2020,
    • the approval of the remuneration report,
    • the dividend,
    • the proposals for the appointment and reappointment of Board members, and the reappointment of PwC Certified Auditors/PwC Auditors as statutory auditors for a period of 3 years.
  • the approval of proposed amendments to the Articles of Association; and
  • the special reports of the Board.

Shareholders will be able to register, vote and ask questions at the Meeting if, on the date of registration, they hold the number of shares for which they have indicated their intention to exercise their voting rights and ask questions, irrespective of the number of shares they hold on the day of the Meeting. The registration date is 5 May 2021 at midnight (CET).

Shareholders who wish to attend the Meeting must make their intentions known no later than 16 May 2020 by communicating their instructions to the company, their bank or their financial institution. The voting forms and the proxies with which shareholders can pass on their voting instructions must be in the company's possession no later than by 16 May 2021.

Questions about this Meeting can be e-mailed to

Ageas is a listed international insurance Group with nearly 200 years of expertise and experience. It offers Retail and Business customers Life and Non-Life products that meet their specific needs, not just for today but also for tomorrow. Ageas, one of the largest insurance companies in Europe, is mainly active in Europe and Asia, which together make up the majority of the global insurance market. Through a combination of wholly-owned subsidiaries and long-term partnerships with strong financial institutions and key distributors, Ageas successfully operates in Belgium, the UK, France, Portugal, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and the Philippines, and is among the market leaders in most countries where it is represented. Ageas has some 45,000 employees, and inflows amounted to around EUR 36 billion (all figures at 100%) in 2020.




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