Blast Ultra Portable AC Reviews - Is Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Legit?

Blast Ultra Portable AC is a personal air conditioning unit from Blast Auxiliary that offers users the ability to stay cool and comfortable wherever they go, but does the personal portable air cooling device for comfort and convenience actually work as advertised or is it just another cheap product that over promises and under delivers?

New York, NY, April 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC Ultra unit is one of the latest and greatest innovations in personalized air cooling technology and functionality due to its unique features of acting as a powerful air conditioner, regular fan and even as a humidifier. With a new and improved design and more advanced features than other personal portable air conditioners, the Blast Ultra Portable AC is a hot and heavy in-demand unit that is flying off the shelves as consumers gear up for what appears to be another heat-intense and humid summer on the horizon.

With spring warming up and summer soon around the corner again, heat levels in the northern hemisphere will once again be on the rise. In this regard, data released by several government agencies worldwide seems to clearly point to the fact that temperatures have been increasing at a steady rate.

To be a bit more specific, according to NOAA's 2020 Annual Climate Report, the combined temperature of our earth’s total land and sea cover has increased at an average rate of 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since the 1880s.

It is also worth highlighting that this rate of temperature increase has been all the more prominent since 1981, with the average temperature spike having more than doubled since the above-stated time window.

The Blast Desktop AC Ultra Basics

In its most basic sense, the Blast Desktop AC Ultra can be thought of as a quality made portable air cooling instrument that can help users mitigate any heat-related issues they may be faced with as a result of the upcoming summer season. In terms of its operational utility and design, the unit features an ergonomic setup that is extremely kind to nature as it uses no chemicals in the cooling unit. Furthermore, some of the other core aspects of the product that are worth highlighting include:

(i) Multi-faceted: Thanks to its powerful inbuilt cooling unit, Blast Desktop AC Ultra can be used either as a powerful personal space air cooler or as a regular fan depending upon one’s needs and requirements. Furthermore, both of the above-stated operational modes consume different levels of electricity, which basically means that users can switch between the two to save money.

(ii) Humidifier action: A highly underrated facet of this cooling unit is that it can also double up as a humidifier. For those unaware, a humidifier basically adds moisture to our surrounding environment, allowing those around the AC unit to get rid of dry skin, itchiness, and epidermal irritation.

Not only that, but humidifiers can also be used for bolstering the health of our nose, throat, and lips as well as ease many of the symptoms that may arise as a result of allergies, common colds, and seasonal flu.

(iii) Freeze function: Even during the most intense heatwaves, the Blast Desktop AC Ultra can provide users with high cooling output. This is because each unit comes loaded with an efficient ice tray unit that can pump out arctic-like cold air when needed. Furthermore, it needs to be pointed out that the user can control how this air is dispelled from the main unit.

(iv) Easy to use: One of the most underrated aspects of this device is that it is effortless to use and operate. Unlike several other similar devices available in the market today (that are fairly difficult to utilize), Blast Desktop AC Ultra is extremely easy to operate. All one has to do is turn on the unit and start enjoying its cooling relief benefits.

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A Closer Look at Blast Desktop AC

Even though hot summers are fun for a while — especially for outdoor activities — the fact of the matter remains that prolonged exposure to the sun can have a wide array of adverse effects on the human body. That said, Blast Desktop AC can help users deal with any heat-related problems seamlessly.


Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra comes loaded with a high-quality rechargeable desktop air cooler that can provide short-term relief within a matter of minutes. Not only that, a single charge allows the unit to run for an extremely long period of time (up to 11-12 hours).

Portability Aspect

As pointed out earlier, the unit is small and portable, such that it can be carried around with ease by almost anyone. Additionally, the cooling unit can be powered using a standard USB cable from a design standpoint, making the entire charging process extremely streamlined and hassle-free. Lastly, the unit is extremely lightweight and can be stored away quite easily in any regular cupboard, closet, etc.


An underrated facet of this device is delivering three cooling speeds (namely low, medium, and high) depending upon one’s personal needs. If that wasn’t enough, Blast Desktop AC also comes with a variable louver for directing airflow. As a result of this, users can always optimize the device’s overall cooling capacity to the individuals' preferences.

Amazing Cool Air Output

Thanks to its easy top-fill pouring design, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is designed to make one’s life easier by allowing users to draw cool air with the touch of a button. Unlike other cooling units that feature bulky water tanks, Blast Desktop AC comes with a direct fill water tank that can be employed even when the device is running.

Works under highly stressful conditions

Some have reported being unhappy with their cooling devices often since they cannot function at a high level during peak summer times. However, with Blast Auxillary Desktop AC, users can get a high level of cooling even during the most intense heatwaves.


Some of the other core aspects of the product worth mentioning

The unit can be used in dry conditions, especially since it comes with a built-in, high-quality humidifier that can help moisturize our surrounding environment with ease.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra can help users control their surrounding environment when used regularly, allowing for improved work, relaxation, and hobbies.

Thanks to its built-in humidifier, the device can prevent a host of dry air-related issues that are known to affect our skin, eyes, and nasal passages during the summer months.

At press time, several positive reviews are available online about this AC cooler product. All individuals who have used the device claim to be extremely happy with its overall utility and functional output.

How to use the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

There are three simple steps that users need to follow to make full use of this cooling device, and each Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra comes with an easy user guide and maintenance instructions:

(i) Set up: Straight off the bat, users should take out the device from its packaging and place it on a flat surface. Once this is done, the provided USB cable adapter that comes with the unit should be plugged into an electric wall outlet (with the other end of the cord being attached to the central cooling unit).

(ii) Installation: After users have taken off the packaging and the device is out of its original box, they should remove the water curtain from its drawer. Following this, they should soak this curtain in water and then insert the water curtain back into its holding drawer.

(iii) Utilization: Once all of the above-stated steps have been performed, the device is pretty much ready for use. To utilize, users need to fill the water tank built into the system and turn the operational knob to their desired setting. Following this, the device should start expelling cool, crisp air within a matter of minutes (if not seconds).

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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC FAQs

The introduction to personal air conditioning units and portable AC devices is relatively new, having made their first big mainstream push in the middle of last summer. And now that the market has spoken and the demand is once again here given all of the new features and functions these handy little devices can do, there are questions that need to be answered in order to have complete consumer confidence before ordering the Blast Auxiliary Ultra AC device. Here are the most asked inquiries regarding this newly released portable air cooler:

Will the Cooler make too much noise?

No, the portable air cooler runs very quiet and will not disturb users.

How often will the water curtain need to be cleaned?

Users should clean or change the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra once a month.

Will this increase my electric bill?

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is very electrical efficient with an evaporation technology while removing heat and providing cooled air. And is also more cost-effective to cool one room than cooling an entire house.

Purchase the Blast Auxillary Desktop AC

The easiest, most convenient and only means of making a purchase is via the official company website. At press time, there are a few key purchasing deals that users can choose from:

  • One unit is available for a highly reduced sum of $89.90
  • Two devices are available for $179.98
  • Three Blast Desktop ACs are available for a highly reduced sum of $202.
  • Four devices are currently being sold on the official website for just $247.99

Furthermore, it bears mentioning that all of the above-stated deals require users to pay an additional shipping charge of around $10.55. Each cooling device comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee if users are not entirely satisfied with the product or its overall utility. To initiate a refund, all one has to do is send back the item(s) to the original shipping address along with a copy of the invoice.

To contact to ask questions about the product, or for ordering assistance, consumers can phone customer service 24/7:

  • US & Canada (Toll Free): 866 3351 618
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5698
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 033 081 80915

Finally, payments can be made using several safe and secure means, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

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Why Does Your Personal Living Space Need the Blast Ultra Portable AC?

In the summertime, no other gadget in the house is used as frequently as a cooler. COVID-19 has caused many people to spend more time in front of their televisions and laptops, so their air conditioners operate every hour of the day and night to keep the surroundings comfortable. There are various options to remain comfy at home but using a desktop AC during the hottest part of the summer is the most cost-effective. That's why the Blast Desktop AC Ultra, this classic tabletop air conditioner, has been invented. This gadget claims to be the best-selling personal air conditioner on the market today, as it enables users to place it close to them to efficiently cool them off as they are either working, resting, sleeping, and anything else they might be doing. Despite some customer complaints, many people have continued to use the Blast Desktop AC Ultra, which has made a difference for them, turning a humid workday into a chilled personal workspace. Portable air conditioners such as this one are far less expensive than a professionally mounted air conditioner.

Furthermore, no skilled installation is required since it only involves plugging into an outlet and a water refill when needed to work. The Blast Desktop AC Ultra is much more helpful in an emergency, too, since it does not need to be wired to power all the time. It’s cordless and uses a cable only for charging and plugging it directly into a power outlet to recharge quickly. With most of the world experiencing power outages during thunderstorms or monsoons, a desktop and cordless AC will keep you cold as you wait for the emergency services.

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