Award-Winning Journalist Natalie Tysdal Quits News Business

Launches podcast on meaningful topics like family, health, education, and relationships

Denver, Colorado, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Natalie Tysdal, an award-winning journalist with close to three decades of experience in the field and at the news desk, has left the traditional news business to launch her own network of news starting with a podcast that will focus on a positive approach to telling stories while also asking hard questions.

The seasoned name in broadcast journalism has seen it all in the industry. Starting her career as a photojournalist, she went on to get a degree in broadcast journalism. Choosing History, Political Science, and Sociology as her minors giving her a well-rounded view as a journalist. It was this broad perspective that she brought to her news stories, which made their mark with people around the world.

Natalie Tysdal
Natalie Tysdal

With a keen eye for developing stories and dedication to uncovering the truth, Natalie Tysdal would go to great lengths in pursuit of news. Her efforts have been recognized not only by her peers but also through all major awards like The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award (Heartland Chapter), The Associated Press Awards, Gracie Allen Award, and others. Covering all types of stories and giving a voice to all people was one of the highlights of her career.

But things would change in 2012 when Natalie was anchoring the news at the time of the Aurora theatre shooting. As she read the news of the victims, she realized that one of them was an aspiring journalist at her TV station. The shift in her outlook was crystallized over time as news became more polarized and divisive. Traditional TV news became more political and less appealing for viewers and journalists. Meaningful stories were hard to push through and get on air.

The last year of the pandemic has been an eye-opener for many around the world. It certainly put things into perspective, and in the case of Natalie Tysdal working from home, it also offered time to strategize her next steps. She was keen on being a better wife, mom, and journalist. Hence she decided to focus on stories revolving around important issues like health, family, and education.

Natalie Tysdal Podcast
Natalie Tysdal Podcast

With her background in education reporting and hundreds of stories about schools, she was honored with the Silver Apple Award from Texas Classroom Teachers Association. She had made education her specialty. In fact, after gaining insights from top education experts on elementary learning, she started a school in 2011 that currently has more than 450 students. Once again, she shifted her attention to things that matter and bring communities together. That’s how her podcast came into being. Focusing on family, health, and mindset it is already making its mark with listeners.

“I love helping people find ways to improve their lives. It’s what I’ve loved about the news business. I am an expert in getting to the truth and finding the right resources to help people become all they are meant to be,” she says. Natalie Tysdal has certainly been doing that with her podcasts on topics ranging from ‘real reasons for burnout’ to ‘exercise and wellbeing’, ‘tips for better sleep’, ‘mental health for young athletes’, and more. Those interested can follow her podcast here

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Natalie Tysdal, the award-winning journalist, left the news business after almost three decades to focus on a positive approach to telling stories through her podcast.


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