Longevity Activator Reviews (Zenith Labs) Negative Side Effects or Real Benefits?

Longevity Activator by Zenith Labs is a doctor-formulated natural longevity support supplement with powerful telomere enhancing ingredients like resveratrol meant to support healthy anti-aging youthfulness, but does it have negative side effects or is it worth the money?

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Aging is a reality that everyone must face when its time comes. At that time, one loses most of the energy required to do even the regular activities. Aging comes with a series of problems including difficulty in climbing the stairs, wrinkled skin, and increased forgetfulness. Importantly, aging robs people of the vibe and energy they need in the bedroom.

Once they experience these signs of aging, people start developing the fear of losing themselves to age. At that point, even everyday activities become too much to do and people blame their age for everything. All the same, one needs to decide whether he/she wants to live with aging or try to change it.

For those who want to overcome the effects of aging, there is an amazing solution on the market known as Longevity Activator. This formula claims to help users slow down the aging process and make them feel young and vibrant at any time of the day.

Some supplement niches in the alternative medicine industry are relatively new. This is certainly not the case when it comes to anti-aging solutions. For thousands of years, people have worked to find ways to help minimize the effects of aging. We should be entirely clear about one universal scientific fact before we begin our review: no supplement can keep you from aging permanently. You can delay the aging process and live for as long as possible by taking good care of your body. A consistent schedule of exercise is hard to beat, especially when you choose to pair it with a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

It can be hard to deal with the visual effects of aging, however. And these aging effects are the main issue that most people grapple with. The wrinkles, the loss of collagen, and other visual effects can be incredibly embarrassing. Aging processes affect everyone differently; some people experience serious aging effects at 40, while others look like they’re twenty until they reach their actual sixties! Our best recommendation involves preventative measures; keeping your skin moisturized and healthy can prevent major wrinkles from taking hold, for example.

But what about people who are already feeling the effects of advanced age? There might be a possible solution in the supplement market. While modern medicine is only really a couple hundred years old, tribes and groups of people have used anti-aging remedies for thousands of years. Longevity Activator is one of the newest anti-aging supplements to hit the open market, and we’re excited to bring you a full review of everything that the formula has to offer. Robert D. is identified as one reviewer of the formula, and he says that the supplement had helped him overcome the “aches and pains” of advanced age while providing him with a higher level of energy.

Today’s review is all about Longevity Activator. Dr. Ryan Shelton is apparently one of the people behind this new dietary supplement, which makes some major claims about helping people avoid the aging process for as long as possible. Read on to find out more.

What is Longevity Activator?

Longevity Activator is a scientifically proven dietary formula that works to reduce age-related memory loss issues and helps build stronger mental health. According to the creator, this product claims to give users the peace of mind that they deserve throughout their lives. The natural formula heals users’ DNA on a timely basis to give them long-term results.

The manufacturers of the Longevity Activator believe aging symptoms occur in different ways according to the individual. The symptoms may include regular body aches, forgetfulness, fatigue, low sexual urge and drive, and unbalanced blood sugar levels.

Aging may also lead to wrinkles on the skin, significant weight gain, and sore joints. According to the creators of the Longevity Activator, most of these symptoms occur due to a sedentary lifestyle that includes poor diet and lifestyle. In modern times, most people find it difficult to avoid these two things.

The Longevity Activator supplement aims to tackle the effects of toxins arising from unhealthy foods. The formula reverses the user’s biological clock, gives smoother bodily functions, and restores a youthful look. Importantly, the supplement achieves its purpose naturally without involvement in strenuous workouts or bland diets.

According to the creator, the Longevity Activator formula works at a cellular level where it transforms one’s DNA into a younger and healthier functioning. This process prevents one from suffering aging symptoms forever.

How Does Longevity Activator Work?

The Longevity Activator formula contains natural ingredients only. The manufacturers obtained the ingredients from natural sources and therefore, the supplement contains no adverse side effects. The body can absorb the ingredients easily to boost the power of the hormone telomeres.

The human body contains 46 strands of DNA. These strands get weaker as one’s age advances. Naturally, the DNA strands have a cap known as a telomere, which protects and prevents them from completely wearing out. This cap is gradually sliced off in the aging process. Consequently, they lose their ability to keep one younger.

The Longevity Activator formula by Zenith Labs contains natural ingredients that work to improve the strength of the telomere hormone. They ensure that the DNA doesn’t age and fade away with age. The enzyme telomerase stops the wearing out of the telomere cap and helps protect the damage of the DNA. This allows the user to remain younger even if the age advances.

Once activated, the enzyme facilitates DNA growth and replication. Importantly, it protects the telomeres to keep the DNA healthy. To promote telomerase synthesis and telomeres support, one has to reduce stress and keep exercising. It’s equally important to adopt a healthy diet with low carbs.

However, only these are not enough. In fact, people find it nearly impossible to completely cut off foods containing toxins from their diet. This is where Longevity Activator comes into play. This supplement embraces a blend of natural ingredients that gives it the functionality and power it delivers. It aims to give the body all the ingredients it needs to strengthen the protective layer of the DNA, preventing the body from aging.

Additionally, the Longevity Activator supplement contains a mix of natural vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that protects the DNA cap (telomere). Users of this supplement can therefore slow down their aging process and remain younger.

The idea behind the Longevity Activator is to help users keep young and youthful while extending their lifespan naturally and medically. Importantly, users can consume the supplement regularly to deliver several health benefits.

Zenith Labs Longevity Activator Ingredients

The Longevity Activator supplement contains two main telomere-supporting agents to ensure it delivers the best results.

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Telomere Agent #1

The first ingredient of the Longevity Activator supplement is 50mg of Terminalia Chebula. This helps reduce the rate of telomere shortening and cut the speed of aging by half. At the cellular level, the supplement reduces the rate at which the DNA replicates and divides.

This allows the user to maintain a youthful feel and outlook. It drives away the effects of aging and gives the users the power to continue doing what they love—whether it’s writing or golfing.

Telomere Agent #2

This second ingredient is derived from Purslane herbs, which help support the production and activity of the telomerase enzyme. Besides, it enhances telomere length to lower the aging rate. According to the creator, Purslane helps slow down the telomere shortening by 57 percent within two weeks of using it.

Additionally, the herb has some underlying health benefits. For instance, it lowers stress levels and improves users’ cognitive abilities and memory retention.

In addition to these two chief ingredients, the Longevity Activator formula contains other supportive ingredients to ensure that it achieves its purpose. Other ingredients in this formula include:

Inflammation Support

This set of ingredients contains the turmeric root, which is an effective pain reduction agent. Turmeric root is one of the most popular herbs for activating a healthy response to inflammation. It works better than conventional drugs such as Tylenol or Advil, which only relieve pain by soothing the nerves for a short time.

Turmeric root addresses the inflammation issue from the root, which ensures the user doesn’t suffer from pain and aches again in the future. Since it’s a natural ingredient, its effects may not be as immediate as those of Advil and Tylenol. However, it delivers long-lasting results, which are not as damaging to the liver as the scientific drugs are when used for a long time.

Additionally, turmeric root helps prevent indigestion by transforming white fat cells into brown body fat. This process allows the body to easily burn them. It also supports blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps the body maintain a healthier immune system.

Cardiovascular Support

To support the cardiovascular system, the Longevity Activator formula includes 25mg of Resveratrol. This drug is known for its effectiveness in supporting and protecting the cardiovascular system. This ingredient is available in red wine, but one would have to take a large amount of the wine to get the levels that the body requires.

Taking too much wine could expose one to the risks of alcohol poisoning. The best way to obtain Resveratrol is by consuming the Longevity Activator supplement. In addition to supporting cardiovascular functions, this ingredient supports the Sirtuins genes.

These genes help repair damaged DNA and improve other functions of the boy aside from lowering the aging rate. Some of the areas it helps improve include:

  • Delivering healthy inflammatory response and pain relief
  • Increased energy from cellular ATP
  • Delivering healthy and glowing skin
  • Balancing body weight
  • Increasing mental focus and clarity

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Memory Element #1

Additionally, the Longevity Activator supplement contains a couple of elements to work on the user’s memory. The first element here is the Korean Ginseng Root. This ingredient is known for its memory-boosting properties. Together with memory retention, it helps in giving the user a longer attention span, improved concentration, and lowered stress levels.

Memory Element #2

Another memory element in this formula is the Cintanche Derticola herb. Alongside the Red Ginseng extract, these elements work together to give users better hormone regulation and increased libido.

Heart Element

Sugar Belly, which is a heart health supportive agent, represents this group of added ingredients. Besides, Sugar Belly helps balance the body’s insulin response and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This allows users to balance their body weight and blood pressure levels.

Immune System Support

The Longevity Activator supplement also comes with an immune system boosting ingredient. This ingredient delivers three main benefits. It supports healthy blood sugar levels, balances inflammation levels, and protects the user’s cardiovascular system.

Performance Enhancement

The Longevity Activator formula includes Cordyceps, which is a potential herb known for its ability in boosting physical strength and stamina, as well as recovery rates.

Love Element

Importantly, the supplement contains Ashwagandha root, which is known to increase nitric oxide levels in the body. This ingredient helps open the blood vessels and allows users to enjoy stronger and longer-lasting erections. The natural root also improves sex drive and stamina.

Longevity Activator Benefits

The Longevity Activator supplement delivers the following benefits, according to their official website:

  • Gives users youthful, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin for the coming years
  • It strengthens the immune system and provides users the strength to fight diseases
  • It improves performance, stamina, and the desire to be in the bedroom
  • It supports the digestive system and balances blood sugar levels
  • Strengthens bones and minimizes joint pain
  • Helps users burn extra fat from the hips, waist, and thighs
  • Prevents hair loss in old age and gives users a younger look
  • Keeps users fit at the cellular level, leading to an enjoyable and healthy life
  • Improves memory and cognitive functions
  • Protects DNA leading to increased lifespan
  • Helps users reduce stress levels
  • Fights and lowers oxidative stress and prevents damage caused by free radicals
  • Supports good growth of hair and nails
  • Eliminates visible signs of aging
  • Promotes healthy function of body organs
  • Works well for both men and women

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According to the creator of the Longevity Activator supplement, users can observe all of these benefits by using the formula for at least 60 days.

Longevity Activator Drawbacks

  • Only available from the official website and not any other third-party stores
  • Not recommended for children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with existing medical conditions
  • Limited stock that may take time to restock
  • Individual results may vary

Longevity Activator Pricing

Made by Zenith Labs, the Longevity Activator supplement has been much more affordable compared to other supplements of its caliber. Natural supplements involve a lot of research and trials before they can be released to the public. This process consumes a lot of time and resources.

However, the manufacturers of the Longevity Activator supplement have offered good discounts on all packages today. Here are the offers:

  • Buy one bottle of Longevity Activator at $49 instead of $79 + $19.95 for shipping (30-day supply)
  • Buy three bottles of Longevity Activator at $117 instead of $237 + 19.95 for shipping (90-day supply)
  • Buy six bottles of Longevity Activator at $198 instead of $474 + FREE shipping (6-month supply)

Interested users can place their orders through the official website at https://longevityactivator.com/? The manufacturer accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal and major credit or debit cards. Importantly, each order is backed up by a six-month moneyback guarantee.

If you try the Longevity Activator supplement for 180 days and it fails to work for you, you’re free to ask for a complete refund.

Longevity Activator Conclusion

The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement daily with breakfast or lunch. The changes should come between seven and ten days of using the supplement consistently. However, for the best results, users should continue taking the supplement for at least 60 days.

Even so, users need to remember that the Longevity Activator is just a dietary supplement and not a drug. Therefore, it should not substitute for a medication prescribed by a physician. Users with pre-existing conditions or those under prescribed medication should consult their healthcare providers before taking the supplement.

The core scientific concept behind Longevity Activator is the “shoelace secret.” Time Magazine called it one of the only methods we have to potentially “turn back the clock” on the aging process. As the lead medical director for Zenith Labs, Dr. Ryan Shelton poured quite a bit of time and research into integrating this mysterious shoelace method into this new dietary supplement. Like many anti-aging supplements, Longevity Activator also makes a big deal about how the traditional medical industry is involved in a huge “cover-up” that prevents it from solving the aging problem.

Stiff joints, “senior moments,” embarrassment in the bedroom, caffeine dependence, low energy, and countless other effects come from our natural aging process. You can’t really avoid the aging process itself; age comes for us all. But the available evidence makes a compelling case for Longevity Activator as a way to help address the worst effects of this process.

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