Blast Auxiliary Ultra Portable AC Review [Scam Risk Warning]

Blast Ultra Portable AC unit is a personal air cooling device that gives users comfort on the go, but is it worth the money or is there a legitimate scam risk warning to know about first?

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Chicago, IL, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Blast Desktop is a portable classic desktop AC device that provides its users customized, fast cooling benefits for their living spaces to be comfortable and relaxed, as it sends freezing, cold air that combats summer heat. During the summer season, people like spending their time outside. But the summer sun will also dry and heat your house, whereas winter air will keep it colder. Because of the scorching sun, summer is correlated with cracking lips, dry, itchy eyes, and nosebleeds. At the same time, winter is associated with a rise in cases of pneumonia, colds, and coughs. Summer and winter both present home issues that must be addressed, but summer issues can be solved with Blast Desktop AC Ultra, the product’s manufactures are saying. This device will bring soothing humidity and coolness to your space, making you feel at ease.

Blast Desktop AC Ultra Design and Use

The Blast Desktop AC Ultra is a tiny, easy-to-use system that doesn't only cool but also humidifies, giving you access to an endless supply of the cleanest, best air during every season. You are promised to feel comfortable and energized when using this gadget in your home all summer, so allow it to be your companion throughout the hot season if you want to remain well and cool. This AC unit features a lightweight build for optimum portability while also being small enough to place it on a desk, the coffee table, or a bookcase. It doesn't use a lot of energy, so users won't have to think about their electricity bill going up by hundreds of dollars if they use it, not to mention they'll always be able to have customized convenience on the go.

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Best Features of the Blast Desktop AC Ultra

The following are some of the excellent features that render the Blast Desktop AC Ultra to be a popular option among many homeowners:


Using no wires when working, this small unit can be used in tight spaces. Since it is very compact, you can quickly switch it from one place to another if necessary. It can be used in the living room and only moved to the bedroom when you need to sleep. You may even take it with you if you're going to a new location or even overseas. Standard air conditioners aren't transportable. They're big and sturdy, not to mention they have to be installed on walls, so you can't move them around. Blast Desktop AC Ultra, on the other side, has an ergonomic design and doesn't need to be mounted.

Easy to Use

Since ceiling fans are permanently attached to the ceiling, they are difficult to clean. You'll need to use a ladder to dust them. And cleaning traditional air conditioners is much more challenging, so only professionals can do it. If you want to clean your air conditioner on your own, you risk damaging it. For the Blast Desktop AC Ultra, this is not at all the case. This system is very simple to vacuum. You scrub it with a rag and scrape any debris that has accumulated on the surface and its curtains. You can scrub it clean as much as you want since it just takes a few minutes to sparkle. Every 3 months, its curtain should be replaced too.


Blast Desktop AC Ultra allows you to use it on when it's charging too. It includes a USB adapter, which is quite common nowadays. All you need to do to charge it is to connect it to an electrical outlet. Note that you won't be able to unplug it until it's fully charged.


This is probably one of the main reasons why so many people appreciate this device. You'll breathe new, calm air in a quiet room because the unit doesn't make noise when turned on. You can relax or work in silence with it. There is no need to be concerned about noise. This is also suitable for when you want to focus on watching TV or reading something.

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What Makes the Blast Desktop AC Ultra Special?

The Blast Desktop AC Ultra is very special in several respects. Its superior efficiency and ease of operation are only a couple of the features that set it apart from the competition. Its other distinguishing features include:

Humidifies the Air

The body is harmed by dry air, which causes nasal bleeds, snoring, coughing, cracking, dryness of the mouth, and skin inflammation. Luckily, the Blast Desktop AC Ultra not only does it cool the air but also humidifies it for a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere to be experienced. When the air in your space is hot and dusty, the Blast Desktop AC Ultra will cool and humidify it in less than a minute.

Reduces Dust Particles

Many air conditioners just cool the space, and dust particles remain in the air. However, the Blast Desktop AC Ultra is said to cool while removing dust particles too. Coughs and sore throats are also be caused by dust air particles, particularly if the air is dry and humid. This technology keeps the environment safe for people with respiratory problems by removing dust.

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No Accessories to Worry About

The Blast Desktop AC Ultra operates without the use of any tubes, strings, or wires. It's fully wireless and cordless. Fill it with water, mount the water curtain, then switch it on. Relax and allow the atmosphere to cool off and become more humidified.

Can Be Adjusted

Any space would benefit from the clean, sleek design of this AC unit. You can still customize the cooling to your taste with 3 fan speeds and a customizable louver that directs airflow.

Availability and Pricing

Since Blast Desktop AC Ultra is such a popular item, it is undoubtedly in a lot of demand. On the other hand, the manufacturing company understands its business and does not overcharge for the product. As a result, with the new discount bid, the Blast Desktop AC becomes an affordable buying option, costing:

  • $89.99 when bought individually

Furthermore, if you purchase more than one air conditioner, the savings are much more significant, as it follows:

  • 2 units for $179.98
  • 3 Blast Desktop AC Ultra devices for $202.99
  • 4 units for $247.99

However, since this deal will only be available while the supplies last, it’s recommended to purchase it as soon as possible to prevent paying more for it. The company that sells Blast Desktop AC Ultra accepts all safe and popular payment methods such as credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal, allowing you to buy your unit(s) without breaking a sweat.

Return Policy

The 30-day return policy for Blast Desktop AC begins when you order your product and ends after 30 days. If your unit has been delivered for more than this time, you won’t be given a refund, swap, or store credit. So, to be considered for a refund, you must return your product(s) within 30 days of receipt and:

  • In an unaltered and unmodified state
  • In its ORIGINAL PACKAGING and shipped in a suitable shipping container
  • To address given by customer support for the return facility

Blast Desktop AC Ultra Contact

By submitting a ticket on the product’s official website or calling:

  • US & Canada (Toll Free): 866 3351 618
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5698
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 033 081 80915

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Phone (Australia & New Zealand): 02 5133 5698
Phone (United Kingdom & Ireland): 033 081 80915


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