Major shareholder announcement - Lannebo Fonder AB has increased its portfolio of shares in SP Group A/S

Søndersø, DENMARK

Pursuant to section 30 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, notice is hereby given that Lannebo Fonder AB on 23 April 2021 informed SP Group A/S that Lannebo Fonder AB effective 20 April 2021 owns more than 5% of the share capital and voting rights of SP Group A/S.

Lannebo Fonder AB owns 626,191 number of shares, each with a nominal value of DKK 2.00, in SP Group A/S corresponding to 5.01 % of the share capital and voting rights.

See also attached stock announcement.



Meddelelse nr. 29 - Information about shareholders - ENG - 23 04 21