ENTEXS CEO Mohammed Ali Rashid Gives The Science & Finance Industry a Much Needed Upgrade

Sacramento, California, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scientists weren't heralded and respected until the world experienced the covid-19 pandemic. Now entrepreneurs like Mohammed Ali Rashid are receiving the respect he deserves outside of the finance and science industry as other immigrant entrepreneurs are starting to take notice.

Extraction practices are changing for the better, thanks to the initiative of ENTEXS CEO Mohammed Ali Rashid. The booming industry has been having a few growing pains, mostly due to poor consistency factors where the product is concerned, and Ali Rashid has found what appears to be the optimal solution.

Calculated, aggressive automation.

That’s not all that ENTEXS is bringing to the market, however, as Ali Rashid has been busy implementing service standards in order to help improve things for the industry overall.

Coming Changes

Mohammed Ali Rashid believes that hands-free technology is key to giving industry standards an overhaul, and so far, in practice, it appears that he is very much on to something. His company, ENTEXS, provides high-end technology designed to assist in the manufacture of health products… but how does it work?

To start with, by incorporating a closed-loop system that utilizes sensors, the entire extraction process may be monitored closely from beginning to end. As these are machines, this also means that fewer operators are required. ENTEXS’ machines are programmable as well, though their software is also capable of rewriting its own protocols. The results are quite impressive.

Operating costs are reduced, the product has less chance of contamination due to the automated process, the yields are consistently higher, and the quality of the product is at a consistent level that humans alone simply could not provide.

Ali Rashid Says “It’s on the Cloud”

The scale of automation and current technology means that you can incorporate ENTEXS machines and extraction processes into the cloud. As the industry is relatively new, suppliers are scattered, and ensuring consistency of product is a very real concern. By taking things to the next level with the Cloud, the extraction process may be monitored for all locations utilizing ENTEXS. Rashid’s innovations are helping to bring uniformity to the process to the benefit of companies and consumers alike.

Making Sense of the Standards

As you can guess, ENTEXS is becoming quite in demand, and it’s understandable. Companies that opt to stand under the ENTEXS umbrella receive services such as site reviews, full installation of their machinery, field verification, permitting, and operational assistance until they are fully operational and ready to go.

While the technology is still very much in its infancy, it’s hard to argue with the results. The systems and modules which ENTEXS provides are essentially built from the ground up and customized to work together in order to fill a client’s requirements. These can be strict; for example, in Florida, the standards are much the same as you would find in the food industry, and there is little room for error.

This means that the product, the machines, and location must meet specific standards, and numerous permits are required. ENTEXS not only provides the tech but helps to ensure that all of their clients are up to code. They are also swift to dispatch help if their personalized systems encounter any issues.

It’s a new standard of high-end tech married to old-world customer service, and it will be exciting to see the waves that it makes in the industry. Mohammed Ali Rashid and ENTEXS are certainly set to make waves, but is this the wave of the future?

Well… Let’s just say that it’s hard to argue with Ali Rashid’s results.


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