Palmetto GBA Finalizes Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Liquid Biopsies for Solid Organ Transplantation, Including Immucor’s kSORT Assay

Norcross, Georgia, UNITED STATES

  • Significant Achievement for kSORT Commercialization and Continued Innovation in Post-Transplant Monitoring

  • LCD Covers Test for Eligible Transplant Recipients on Medicare

NORCROSS, Ga., April 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Immucor, Inc., a global leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics, announced that Palmetto MolDX has finalized a local coverage determination (LCD) for Molecular Testing for Solid Organ Allograft Rejection. The policy change, which takes effect June 6, 2021, will enable patients to benefit from Immucor’s kSORT, an innovative, non-invasive gene expression assay designed to better monitor and support the health of solid organ transplant recipients.

“We developed kSORT with the goal of improving the experience and outcomes of transplant patients, and this policy announcement marks a significant step forward in that journey,” said Avi Pelossof, Immucor’s President and CEO. “The LCD recognizes the importance of new technologies to monitor transplant recipients. kSORT is a non-invasive gene expression assay designed to improve patient outcomes. We are pleased with this coverage determination and plan to continue expanding the utility of our post-transplant monitoring portfolio well into the future.”

For more than 30 years, Immucor has focused on improving patient outcomes by bringing together best-in-class solutions developed to meet specific clinical needs. With a comprehensive and growing portfolio of molecular and antibody-based products, technologies, and services, Immucor supports transplant teams across the entire continuum of patient care. kSORT aids clinicians in compiling relevant information to avoid unnecessary biopsies, improves acute transplant rejection risk stratification and guides appropriate clinical decision-making to better monitor patient immune responses throughout the transplant journey.

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About the kSORT Assay
kSORT is a 15-gene RNA expression-based assay designed for enhanced post-transplant graft surveillance and immune quiescence monitoring in solid organ transplant patients. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, the kSORT assay evaluates the change in expression of specific genes, several of which are associated with pathways involved in immune activation. kSORT is available exclusively through Immucor DX, the company’s CLIA certified and CAP accredited independent clinical laboratory as a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT).

Jeannine O’Connor