OTC:ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Announces the Much-Anticipated Release of the Revolutionary ILUS Coin

NEW YORK, NY, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS): The ILUS coin will help save lives and assets in some places that previously may not have afforded the capital cost of purchasing critical equipment, all while bringing expected rewards to coin holders and assisting the ILUS International company to fulfil this large demand. 

The ILUS coin is brought to market under a brand license financing initiative between ILUS International and Toto Capital. ILUS is a Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and developing technology-based companies globally. Toto Capital is an offshore (Not based in the USA) boutique financier with extensive experience in the fields of crypto and creative financing strategies.

The ILUS Coin is revolutionary in that it is the first known coin globally which has a multifaceted strategy around saving lives and saving assets, a contribution towards making the world a safer place whilst delivering rewards and upside to ILUS Coin holders and adding value to the entire supply chain. It is one of the few crypto coins that is connected to real proven value adding lifesaving products compared to the usual crypto speculative ideas. This is anticipated to bring some comfort and security to potential coin buyers.

In today’s world, the need for more innovative fire and life safety technology is rapidly increasing. As global warming increases, wildfires are becoming more prevalent. Urbanization is constantly on the increase, causing an increase in urban and high rise fires. Simultaneously, the increased use of electronic systems and components, automation and chemicals all brings with it greater risk of fire. Fire and Rescue services have to deliver increased protection, often with a decreased budget for the procurement of firefighting and rescue equipment.  

Ilus International Inc. is a public company trading on the OTC in the United States. The company has developed and patented world leading technology that increases firefighting efficiency by using 63% less water which means that smaller, quicker and more environmentally friendly fire fighting vehicles can be used such as ILUS’ own range of rapid response vehicles which include its E-Raptor Electric Utility Vehicle.  In addition, ILUS expects to release a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology for preventative surveillance of high fire risk areas and monitoring of fire incidents. The ILUS technology and vehicles are ideal for urban settings where responders have to deal with increased congestion and limited road access through pedestrianised areas.

Despite the increased need for innovative technology to assist in managing the increased fire risks and threats to life safety, many organisations and agencies do not have adequate capital to purchase the essential lifesaving equipment without a creative solution to finance the technology. In many regions globally, a large portion of first responders are volunteers and there are also many private organisations that provide first responders on behalf of governments or not for profit organisations. Many of these groups are currently required to operate with equipment which is outdated, less capable and inefficient; the ILUS coin brings a new dimension to solving this problem.

This is where the ILUS Coin comes to the rescue.  Through the ILUS Coin, this much needed equipment can be supplied to these organisations through Ilus International Inc (OTC:ILUS) who will manufacture and stock the equipment whilst continuing to develop additional innovative technology that will continue to increase performance, safety and efficiency.

ILUS Coin holders will have the opportunity to benefit not only from the substantial social responsibility fulfilment, but also could reap the financial rewards too. The ILUS coin is expected to deliver rewards to its coin holders as the lease contracts are fulfilled and in return for financial support, ILUS is expected to pay a dividend which subject to the Coin community voting protocol may reward coin holders too. The limited supply of 100 million coins will be gradually released into the market over a period of 24 months and ILUS expects that the desirability and scarcity of the coin supply will theoretically have a positive impact on the coin value over time.

The ILUS Coin website will be live and the Coin pre-sale will begin on Friday 30th April and run for 14 days during which the coin will be offered at a 23% discount to the exchange listing price. The pre-sale will run for a maximum of 14 days or 10 million coins, after which time it will then be listed on several mainstream exchanges including the decentralised (DeFi) and centralized exchanges. The listing onto exchanges will happen systematically over a period of time with the first one being from the time the Pre-sale ends.

During the pre-sale, buyers can reserve their coins over via the ILUS Coin website where buyers will be able connect most mainstream crypto wallets and swap Ethereum for ILUS Coin.  The coin is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

ILUS Coin has its own independent, experienced team and Toto Capital will have minimal daily  involvement as the coin will be largely community run and managed through voting protocols and smart contracts. ILUS Coin has its own marketing team and will be engaging in all the latest and most effective marketing strategies and channels. This will of course include various social media channels all of which will start to increase exposure now that the ILUS Coin launch date is set. Whilst extensive marketing is taking place globally, targeted marketing is also being done in local languages for the Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern markets. The demand for crypto globally is overwhelming yet genuine crypto projects connected to solving real life problems is limited, and for this reason we have big expectations for the coin, as awareness grows globally. We will update the market regularly through the ILUS Coin social media accounts and press releases.

Whilst we know that many readers are not active in the crypto space yet, we believe it is inevitable that eventually most will be and we hope that the ILUS Coin’s easy step by step guide which will be released over our Twitter handle will assist potential coin buyers in venturing into the crypto market.

ILUS is constantly innovating, whether it is through the technology we develop and acquire or the solutions we deliver that make our technology more accessible and therefore capable of protecting assets and saving more lives. We believe that the ILUS Coin is a revolutionary solution that will have a positive impact on saving lives and creating value.

For further information on the companies please see their communication channels

website: https://ilus-group.com

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Website: https://ILUS-coin.com

Email : Ilus@ILUS-Coin.com

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