Collov Home Design Completes Successful Testing Phase

The AI/AR brand will be re-launching their services in May with even more technology to assist consumers

MENLO PARK, Calif., May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Collov announced the resounding success of the company's testing phase, as well as plans to move into launching the brand with even more sophisticated AR and AI technology. This is a major milestone for the young interior design company, which is on a mission to provide high quality virtual interior design and personalized shopping to all customers using AI and AR technologies.

"We have a diverse and talented team of engineers, algorithm scientists, designers and creators from around the world," says Xiao Zhang, co-founder at Collov. "We want to bring automation to the interior design world. The way interior design is currently done is archaic. Our core AI team has been actively seeking to apply the most cutting-edge AI/AR technologies to allow everyone to create a home that is perfect for their life, style, and budget."

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

Personal shopping using an AI style quiz: After taking a fun, brief quiz, Collov is able to show customers furniture that appeals to their personal style using AI algorithms and personalization, easing the frustrating search customers experience when making their homes.

Interior inspiration shopping: Pinterest provides aspiration, but creating a Pinterest-worthy home often means working to match items to photos while scouring various websites. Thanks to Collov's interior inspiration shopping, customers can simply upload their images and allow AI to find furniture for them, reducing the difficulty in finding the right furniture for their homes. This feature is pending launch in May.

Improvements for interior designers: Interior designers do not have an easy or quick task, which is why they typically cost so much. Collov is shortening the amount of time it takes for an interior designer to serve customers by creating cutting edge AI-based tools. For instance, usually the process of finding each item is taxing and time-consuming, for the designer and client alike. AI can assist the designer in finding the right piece, cutting design time in half, meaning more, happier customers. Collov has also created an internal Polyvore-like tool to allow designers to quickly make mood boards for customers. Combined, Collov hopes to help customers get to their ideal home in a matter of days rather than the traditional weeks.

"We are excited for the opportunity to keep innovating and serve the world," says Nicole Wang, Collov co-founder, who is also CEO & Chairlady of a publicly listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. "It's been exciting for our AI team to bring such cutting-edge technology into real life. Now that our testing phase is complete, we will relaunch on a larger scale. We believe everyone deserves to feel happiest at home, and we are positioned to help even more people experience that."

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