Zyter Introduces ZyterHome™ Assist for Provider Practices and Patients

Optional Support Service for ZyterHome Remote Patient Monitoring Solution


Rockville, Maryland, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zyter, Inc., a leading digital health and IoT-enablement platform, announced today the introduction of ZyterHome Assist™, a complimentary, optional support service available to healthcare provider practices that implement the ZyterHome remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution.


ZyterHome is a comprehensive RPM solution for provider practices, helping physicians actively manage, monitor, and track health conditions at home for patients who are able to participate in their own care. Using patient-facing, LTE-enabled devices to securely transmit physiological data to a dashboard at the physician’s office, ZyterHome can help provider practices more efficiently care for patients with chronic conditions and those receiving post-acute care. ZyterHome currently supports the BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor, the Smart Meter iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitor and the BodyTrace Weighing Scale, with more devices to be added in the coming months.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions and this is expected to continue. In its report, Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Market published by Data Bridge Market Research, the RPM and care marketis forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.76% between 2020 and 20271.


ZyterHome Assist provides end-to-end support for patients using ZyterHome as well as enrollment support for provider practices.  While the service is free, provider practices must opt in to use it and give permission for Zyter to contact patients who will be enrolling in ZyterHome. Zyter will assign a dedicated ZyterHome Assist specialist to perform patient enrollment, as well as subsequent follow-up contact, troubleshooting and device support.


“With ZyterHome Assist, Zyter is going above and beyond implementation to help make remote patient monitoring a success for both providers and patients,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “The ZyterHome Assist specialist is the main point of contact for support to ensure patient satisfaction with ZyterHome, and to help free up clinical staff so they can keep their focus on providing quality patient care.”


ZyterHome Assist streamlines the remote patient monitoring experience for providers and patients in the following ways:


  • Eliminates the need for provider practices to devote already limited resources to patient onboarding and providing ongoing patient support for ZyterHome devices.
  • Resolves patient issues and questions seamlessly on behalf of the provider practice to help patients quickly become comfortable and compliant with using ZyterHome.
  • Enables patients to be more confident using ZyterHome remote patient monitoring, leading to greater patient satisfaction.
  • Can help provider practices increase quality care and patient satisfaction metrics for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) survey CAHPS scores.
  • Can scale up ZyterHome Assist specialist teams to any size of patient population.


ZyterHome Assist provides support to ZyterHome patients via phone and email. After enrolling patients in ZyterHome, a ZyterHome Assist specialist will reach out to them to make sure they have signed their consent form, and later follow up to address any questions about using ZyterHome devices. The Zyter Assist specialist will also set up automated subscriptions for test strips and other medical products for the patient, as well as act as a liaison with vendors if a patient needs to replace a LTE device. When patients have any questions or have trouble using the LTE devices, they contact the ZyterHome Assist specialist for support instead of the provider’s office.


For more information on ZyterHome and ZyterHome Assist, please visit www.Zyter.com/ZyterHome.


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About Zyter, Inc.

Zyter delivers a wide range of cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) digital health products for providers, payers and patients that span telehealth, home health and remote patient monitoring, as well as care, utilization and population health management. In 2021, Zyter acquired Casenet®, LLC and together the two company’s products are used to manage healthcare for 11% of the U.S. population. Zyter’s products improve clinical operations and patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs by enhancing interoperability, communication and collaboration. The company’s 5G-ready platform also supports IoT/smart technology and thermal imaging solutions. In 2020, the company won more than 50 awards for its products including Best Health Care and Medical Innovation as well as Company Innovation of the Year. In 2021, the company won an award as The Most Innovative Digital Health Startup. Founded in 2017, the privately-held company is based in Rockville, Md. For more information, please visit www.Zyter.com.


Zyter Media Contact:

Michael E. Donner

Chief Marketing Officer

Zyter, Inc.




Telehealth solutions for remote patient monitoring (RPM) like ZyterHome have become more widely adopted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, not all patients are technology savvy, especially among the Medicare-age population most likely to use ZyterHome, and some may find it intimidating to use the 4G devices for the self-monitoring of chronic conditions.

Instead of calling your busy practice and waiting on hold when they have questions about using ZyterHome devices, your patients can speak to a ZyterHome Assist specialist directly to get immediate answers and technical support. 

ZyterHome Assist is a complimentary service that is included with your ZyterHome implementation. When you opt in, you are giving Zyter permission to contact your patients to help enroll them in ZyterHome– so your clinical staff can keep their focus on providing quality patient care vs tech support.
Zyter makes it easy for provider practices to improve the overall quality of patient care and expand their offerings with remote patient monitoring (RPM). By taking advantage of this latest medical technology, provider practices can increase the
potential for early intervention, thereby decreasing the likelihood of a serious or life threatening situation.

ZyterHome™ is a comprehensive RPM solution for doctors to care for patients who can benefit from participating in their own care by actively managing, monitoring,
and tracking patient health conditions remotely. Integrated with the Zyter Digital Healthcare platform, ZyterHome consists of patient-facing, pre-configured 4G-enabled devices to seamlessly track and transmit a patient’s physiological
data. No pairing or configuration is required by the patient, making it easy and convenient for anyone to use.

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