AMLBot Introduces a Unique Solution for Tracking Funds


LONDON, May 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AMLBot introduces a new mechanism called investigation to track funds that are either stolen or scammed. There are a lot of thefts in the industry, and unless one is a tech-savvy, they can fall prey to thefts, burglaries, frauds, pyramids etc.

What's Investigation Feature?

The investigation feature seeks to help regular users identify stolen funds or understand in details the nature and origin of their funds. It allows users to access a list of services (clusters) that form a risk score then make a more balanced decision on the high-risk asset.

Through a few mouse clicks, one can see how the coin flows, the name of the address owners, and how they address themselves are moving. This is because the feature indicates the names of clusters, risks, and the number of intermediate addresses.

What is AMLBot?

AMLBot is the best anti-money Laundering Screening Program for Bitcoin. It checks crypto wallets and fishes for illicit funds, giving the users confidence that their customer's funds are clean. The process is made possible through the screening of wallets and transactions for connection to any illegal activities.

It's essential in maintaining compliance with supervisory authorities and protecting users from fraudsters.

How It Works

First, a user places the cryptocurrency address on the website link or telegram link, then click check. The first check is free, and the process takes approximately 30 secs. The data is checked across different databases to identify suspicious transactions and also evaluate risks.

The wallets are usually screened on 20+ sources, with each having three categories. They include risky, suspicious and reliable.


The risky category may imply the funds are from a dark service, where the coins are related to drug trafficking, child abuse or terrorist financing. The coin could also have been obtained by deception through ransom, illegal service, exchange fraudulent or stolen.

Additionally, the coins could have been through the mixer, making tracking difficult or impossible. Mixers are mostly used for money laundering.

If the results come back with links pointing to illegal service, dark market or service, further investigation is needed before continuing with the transaction.


A suspicious link may imply the coins were either obtained from cryptocurrency ATM, the exchange with ML risk that very high (these are exchanges that don't use verification procedures), the coins are associated with gambling activities or the P2P exchange has high ML risk.


The results would come out as reliable if the coins were used to pay for legal activities in a marketplace, associated with payment services, or the coins were stored in verified wallets. Also, they could be the coins mined by miners and not yet forwarded, or the exchange ML Risk is Moderate or Low.

The results are always detailed, accompanied with statistics on the wallets and the percentage of risky funds. The risk score helps the user in making a sound decision regarding their funds.

Is It Necessary to Acquire the Service?

Running funds from suspicious wallets ensures the funds are safe; Thus, the user's reputation isn't jeopardized. With illicit coins, a client is at risk of facing regulated actions from the supervisory authorities or the custodian wallet market for possession of illicit funds.

Through their AMLBot features, clients are guaranteed they won't lose their funds because of malicious activities. Unfortunately, most suffer serious losses or blocked accounts as a result of this.

There's peace that comes with investing in AMLBot as it allows flexibility. The more checks one buys, the cheaper it becomes. 25 checks cost $50, 100 checks cost $ 100, while 1000 checks cost $300. Additionally, clients can get their funds back if they aren't satisfied with our services. They can buy additional checks anytime as the checks don't expire.

One can also use crypto to pay for these services.

Everything here is automatic because of the API integration; hence clients can use their time to engage in other things. The team helps in setting up automatic verification for all the incoming transactions.

To check the wallet or transaction, the customer needs to go to the website. There is no need for installations, downloads or complicated instructions, making the process easy, fast and efficient.

Why Masses Should Watch Out for AMLBot

AMLBot supports multi-currency. It supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, Tether OMNI, BSV and 1500+ ERC-20 tokens. It updates their databases every hour, ensuring that the checks always remain accurate. Users data are kept anonymous as they don't collect or store data concerning them or their business.

The support team is fast and responds to queries within 30 seconds. When someone signs through a registered customer referral link in their referral programs, they get a 5% discount at sign-up. The customer also receives 10% from all payments of the referred customers.

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