Constellation Software Inc. Announces Results of Voting for Directors at Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU) is pleased to announce the results of the vote on directors at its May 6, 2021 annual shareholders' meeting. Each of the fifteen nominees listed in the Corporation's management proxy circular dated March 25, 2021 was elected as a director. Voting was conducted by ballot with the following voting results:

Name of Nominee Votes For%Votes Withheld%
Jeff Bender15,360,79996.40%573,5003.60%
John Billowits14,359,82490.12%1,574,4759.88%
Lawrence Cunningham15,869,45299.59%64,8470.41%
Susan Gayner15,757,74198.89%176,5581.11%
Robert Kittel13,917,62087.34%2,016,67912.66%
Mark Leonard15,293,98595.98%640,3134.02%
Paul McFeeters15,004,80594.17%929,4945.83%
Mark Miller15,360,42696.40%573,8733.60%
Lori O’Neill15,004,79394.17%929,5065.83%
Donna Parr15,858,02899.52%76,2710.48%
Andrew Pastor15,876,50199.64%57,7980.36%
Dexter Salna15,353,87196.36%580,4283.64%
Stephen R. Scotchmer12,881,49680.84%3,052,80619.16%
Barry Symons15,347,17596.32%587,1243.68%
Robin Van Poelje14,401,22790.38%1,533,0729.62%
Final voting results on all matters voted on at the annual meeting held earlier today will be filed with the Canadian securities regulators.
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