NetBeez Announces Release 8.0 with Path Analysis

Network engineers get enhanced view of remote worker network performance issues

PITTSBURGH, May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetBeez, a leader in high performance network monitoring, announces the general availability of its software version 8.0 which will include Path Analysis. Path Analysis gives network engineers a more dynamic and accurate view of Internet routing to enhance root cause analysis of remote worker network performance issues.

The new capability augments existing NetBeez traceroute capabilities for more accurate, real-time visibility. The network topology discovered by Path Analysis reduces root cause analysis time by identifying all possible routes, hops and network latency impacts across endpoints based on IP address, Autonomous System Number, and a range of other identifiers.

Last year, Internet visibility became more strategic than ever for employee productivity. Remote and flex users moved from the traditional and controlled enterprise networks into work from home environments composed of consumer gear, residential Internet services and VPN connections. With complexity came new digital experience monitoring challenges. Tools like traceroute were effective for discovering internal, on-prem network topologies but not for the highly distributed and dynamic paths typical of the Internet.

“Thanks to the new path analysis feature from NetBeez, network operators and service providers will be saving even more time troubleshooting network issues,” commented Dave Kruger, Technical Director at Myria Solutions. “The visual display of multiple paths for different network flows is really useful, as it allows engineers to quickly identify issues potentially caused by load balancing.”

“Adding path analysis to our core focus on end-user experience gives customers a new level of dynamic visibility into remote worker networks,” said Stefano Gridelli, CEO of NetBeez. “This new feature significantly reduces troubleshooting time when it comes to Internet routing and gives network engineers deep insight into the connectivity between remote users, public clouds and corporate networks.”

With more organizations extending their commitment to remote work, network management best practices will require greater visibility into Internet routing and digital experience issues. NetBeez is well-positioned to deliver ongoing innovation that gives engineers the insight they need to diagnose increasingly complex problems.

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