The Number One Secret Large Companies Use to Grow and Scale

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Tampa, FL, May 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Large companies have the financial capability and the manpower to get growth, keep the momentum to scale their businesses, and satisfy their shareholders. How do they continue to keep their businesses growing? By using a Business Development Manager.

Business development managers' job functions have many facets. Their primary purpose is spent on finding ways that the company can use other businesses' distribution, assets and relationships to expand their reach. This role is usually left to the owners or top managers, but they usually do not have the time or expertise to really make the company grow and excel.  

A good business development manager will bring opportunities to the business such as: positioning your company to sell, finding the opportunities to sell your products or services down another businesses distribution channel, finding unused assets and making them perform, acquiring competitors or other distribution to expand the business, turn a struggling company around, raising capital and much more.

This is a highly specialized skill set, in big demand, and is extremely beneficial to businesses. What do you do if you are a smaller company, under 50 employees and can not afford a business development manager? Use a Fractional Business Development Manager.

Fractional CFO’s, CEO’s, CMO’s and other fractional professionals are invaluable to companies because they can share their expertise with the company when the company could not normally afford to hire a top level executive with the right experience.  Another advantage in addition to their expertise is that they bring a vast array of knowledge and most of all, they will be honest with you unlike many employees that do not want to buck the system. Fractional professionals are much cheaper than hiring employees full time which actually reduces your cost while gaining the benefit of the experience and knowledge these professionals bring to the table. The fractional professional segment is growing and the businesses are getting results like the big boys do.

What do you look for in a Fractional Business Development Manager? Mark Julian CPA, a fractional business development manager from The Business Baller said “Find someone that has the experience and has a proven track record. Businesses need to find someone that has been there and done it. Just because someone has a title does not mean they know how to put the puzzle together. If you find the right person your business can explode. One group we worked with exploded in growth by over 2000% in just under 24 months. Sometimes it is the little changes that make a big difference but the business owner must see the little changes in order to maximize them. Most of the time having an outside perspective is invaluable to rapid success.”

If you want to make your business grow and limit your cost and exposure you should check out one of the hottest segments in business today - Fractional Business Development Managers. Having a fractional business development manager can really boost many of your business strategies and growth but they work on a part time level, which gives smaller companies the ability to tap into the expertise and knowledge and is more cost efficient. “Most business development functions are fractional, they don’t need someone there all of the time. Lawyers do this sometimes, CPA’s like myself, and other industries can go fractional as well,” Mark explains.

This is a cheaper and beneficial option for new businesses, startups, and smaller businesses that need a little bit of advice, or professional experts in a particular field to get things up and running, or have someone come in occasionally to make sure things are running smoothly. The business world shouldn’t have to have a full time legal team or a development sector that is always in the office so all a business would have to do is have some contract labor to help with things where or when needed.

Mark Julian is a CPA and expert in a number of fields. As the Business Baller, he believes in fractional business development as an excellent option for businesses to save money while establishing their business.

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