Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S: The Ultimate Guide to Ledger Promo Codes and Discounts

New York, May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you’re in the market for a Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S, you’re not alone. Staggeringly, over two million units* have been sold all over the world, making it the leading certified hardware wallet on the market.

While unquestionably popular products for securing and managing all things crypto, one thing avid digital currency users agree on is that the price to purchase these products can be a little on the steep side.

To help people find the best deals, we’ve researched the types of coupons, promos, codes, and discounts available online, and our findings have resulted in the creation of this; The Ultimate Guide to Ledger Coupon Codes and Discounts.

Find the best Ledger discount code here, or read the guide below for information on Ledger deal or coupons, based on factors such as location, buying preferences or budget:

Ledger Discount Codes: Buying Direct from Ledger

A running theme of the guide is that you’ll find the best offers and deals directly through Ledger. Luckily for consumers, there are plenty of great ways to save direct, using the methods below:

Free shipping

Ledger have been known to offer free shipping on their products via promo codes. If you have a free shipping code, enter it during the checkout process to see if it’s applicable within your country and to view the discount on offer.

Flat discounts

These are flat amounts of money, such as $20, $40, $50 etc. that have been deducted from the original non-sale price. While a great way to save money, the next option is sometimes more appealing.

Percentage-based discounts

Our recommendation is to keep an eye out for percentage-based discounts. These Ledger discount codes save you money on any purchase, ranging from as little as 15% off to 50% off. Simply weigh up the options of the percentage-based discount vs the flat discount.

Accessory sales

While many products come with accessories, consumers are readily buying add-ons such as cables to recharge their Ledger Nano products. Often savings can be made by applying a Ledger code that is specifically for accessories.

Bulk buys

These can offer greater value than any Ledger Nano S promo code, especially if you’re buying multiple Nano’s for friends, family, or for your business. Some of the most current offers as of April 2021 include:

  1. Ledger Family Pack S: 3x Nano S in the pack, saving you around $40
  2. Ledger Family Pack X: 3x Nano X in the pack, saving you almost $60!
  3. Ledger Backup Pack: 1x Nano S and 1x Nano X, saving you more than 20%

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Ledger Nano Discount Code UK

If you’re based in the UK, there are a few ways to purchase Ledger hardware wallets, each coming with its own potential money saving routes:

  1. Purchase through an official Ledger reseller in the UK
  2. Purchase through Amazon, via the official Ledger store
  3. Purchase directly through the Ledger website

In our opinion, the best way to save money on the Ledger Nano in the UK is to use the official Ledger website. While official resellers and the likes of Amazon have buying options, these are essentially middlemen or non-direct channels.

Not only could you find that Ledger coupon codes don’t work away from the official Ledger website, and that you are relying on third party offers and deals, but you may also find that you could save more money by going direct.

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Ledger Nano Discount Code Canada

Just like in the UK, the buying options when purchasing in Canada are through an official Ledger reseller, through the likes of Amazon, or directly through the official Ledger website.

While official resellers will differ from that of the UK, it’s worth noting that location-based discounts can also vary, and the location of where your item is shipped from will differ. For example. many vendors are based in the U.S and ship to Canada.

For the best Ledger Nano Discount codes in Canada, our recommendation is to order direct from the website. By browsing the site, you’ll come across offers such as bulk buys, shipping discounts and more.

Ledger Nano Discount Codes: How Often Are They Released?

Ledger are always running offers. If there isn’t a Ledger Nano S discount or Ledger Nano X discount that appeals to you today, the likelihood is that there will be a price-saving next week that does.

With so many regular offers, you may be tempted to wait it out and see if an even better discount appears in the coming days. Our advice is that if the official Ledger website has good offer running, it’s probably better to buy now.

A great tip for those wanting a Ledger Nano coupon is to check if a major holiday is coming up. For example, Valentines Day has passed but a fantastic deal was proposed (excuse the romantic pun!) that many consumers took advantage of.

Ledger Nano Coupon: How To Find Them

On the lookout for a Ledger Nano coupon? To keep yourself safe, and to be eligible for their direct support, it’s best to find coupon codes that work with the official Ledger website.

However, you don’t need to spend hours searching the web to find codes from questionable websites, only to find they don’t work during the checkout process. Instead, you can follow these great money-saving tips:

  1. Regularly visit the Ledger homepage, as the company uses this as a base to promote discounts and coupons
  2. Sign up to the Ledger email list, as emails are the quickest and most direct way to be made aware of Ledger Nano promotions
  3. Follow Ledger on social media for posts on coupons, discounts, and competitions

When you come across an offer via any of these routes, you’ll be using a Ledger discount code or promo code that is approved by the company itself. This provides you with safety, authenticity and greatly reduces the risks of scams.

Ledger Coupon Code: Avoiding The Scams

When searching for coupons and discounts, you may be tempted to buy from third party websites offering deals that appear to save you lots of cash. The issues with purchasing through such websites are as follows:

  1. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is
  2. Purchasing through unapproved or uncertified suppliers may lead to security or performance issues
  3. If you encounter issues, you may not be eligible to support from Ledger as you didn’t purchase your product direct

The product line was developed with safety and security at its core. Thanks to its strongly isolated secure chip, locked by an 8-digit PIN code, your confidential data is never exposed. However, purchasing through unapproved sellers can result in your product being tampered with. Our advice is, as somebody investing in a safe and secure product, you do not want to fall foul of scammers before or after you buy. Stay safe and buy direct.

Ledger operates through its own official website and has approved selling platforms online, through the likes of resellers and Amazon. Always check you are buying through an official Ledger reseller or Ledger themselves for the most secure way or purchasing.

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Ledger Nano Discount Codes Through eBay

When searching for a great deal, many of us will head straight to eBay to see what third party suppliers are offering. Our advice is to never purchase a Ledger Nano product through eBay, as the company does not have any official sellers on the platform.

Purchasing via eBay could result in your product being tampered with. The fundamental reason for these hardware wallets is to keep your crypto safe, and this buying preference puts that at jeopardy.

While the prices look good, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Ledger Coupon Code Reddit: Safe and Secure?

Reddit is a fantastic website and often, discounts, promos and coupons can be found here. However, should you come across a subreddit devoted to Ledger Nano S discounts, you’ll notice a stark warning that states how often Reddit is targeted by scammers.

Our recommendation is that Ledger themselves are likely to already be offering said discounts directly via their website. Play it safe. Don’t save a little money via Reddit and run the risk of losing a lot of money down the line due to scams.

Ledger Promo Codes: Find Them Today!

It’s no surprise that so many people look for Ledger promo codes. The Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X are innovative products that are helping those who invest and use crypto do it safely. As the most secure way to manage multiple crypto assets on the same device, supporting over 30 cryptocurrencies and all ERC20 tokens, they provide great value.

As stated earlier on in this guide, more often than not, the best way to save money on Ledger Nano products is to buy direct. To find Ledger promo codes, head to their website and browse their current offers, or read more in our in-depth Ledger promo code guide at Avirecomp.



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