Oil States Wins Spotlight on New Technology® Award for Deepsea Mineral Riser System

HOUSTON, May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oil States International, Inc. (NYSE: OIS) announced that it was presented with a Spotlight on New Technology® Award by the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for its Merlin Deepsea Mineral Riser System. The award recognizes Oil States for their technological advances in support of the developing deepsea minerals industry. Oil States has adapted its Merlin riser and connection system technology to support this rapidly developing industry of deepsea minerals gathering.

Oil States’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Cindy B. Taylor, stated,
"We are proud and honored to receive a Spotlight on New Technology® Award from OTC. Our Merlin Deepsea Mineral Riser System provides a robust, fast make-up, hands-free, automated system capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions in the remote deepwater regions of the world. We would like to thank the OTC for this award and the associated recognition it brings for our technology supporting the emerging renewable energy industry. We look forward to supporting the growing demand for future deepsea minerals gathering required for the advancement of clean energy technologies."

OTC’s Executive Director, Leigh Ann Runyan, stated,
"Through the 2021 Spotlight on New Technology® Award, the Offshore Technology Conference recognizes companies that have made a significant contribution to advancing the offshore energy sector. Oil States’ Merlin Deepsea Mineral Riser System has done just that, helping make deepsea operations, often located in remote locations, safer and more reliable."

In addition to the recognition associated with this award, Oil States continues to be the recipient of very positive industry feedback with the following renewable energy project awards received in the last year for deepsea mineral riser gathering systems, including:

  • Cosmos Shoji Co Ltd, Japan award to supply a Deepsea Minerals Riser System (first quarter 2020)
  • Allseas Deepsea Minerals Riser System award for ultra-deep water (first quarter 2021)
  • Front-end Engineering & Design (FEED) Study for Green Minerals AS (Norway) Harsh Environment Deepsea Minerals Gathering System (first quarter 2021)

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