JobSiteCare Joins AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem

New London, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES

NEW LONDON, N.H., May 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JobSiteCare, an innovative medical practice that integrates technology and physician expertise to provide immediate telemedical triage, diagnosis, and guided treatment to an injured worker, announced today that they have been selected as a part of AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem Tech Library. JobSiteCare uses telemedicine to diagnose and treat injured workers right at their worksite and assumes responsibility for expediting and overseeing all subsequent care. JobSiteCare cases close in half the time of traditional care and for every $1 spent on JobSiteCare, our clients will typically save $2-$3 in direct medical costs.

AXA XL's Construction Ecosystem is a digital network of innovative products & services focused on advancing technology adoption and leveraging data to solve customers’ problems, enhance their risk management efforts, and support their business goals. JobSiteCare will be part of the Construction Ecosystem's Tech Library, which contains curated technology solutions with preferred terms for AXA XL customers.

"We're excited to include JobSiteCare to our growing tech library and are looking forward to seeing its technology solution in action, helping our clients reduce claims costs, claim length and increase savings, while mitigating job site risk. They will surely be a strong contributor to our mission of advancing risk management and driving technology adoption through partnership, innovation and invention,” said Rose Hall, Head of Construction Innovation at AXA XL.

JobSiteCare provides employers with the framework and management systems needed for large-scale workforce health and injury management and helps satisfy its compliance with local and federal safety regulations – including those put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“An unhealthy workforce can lead to complications with offices and jobsites closing, lost work-days, lost revenues, operational inefficiency and delays, workforce disorganization and major liability,” said Dr. Dan Carlin, Founder & CEO of JobSiteCare. “In addition to being the ‘doc-on-call’ for a construction site, we are able to actively monitor, track and treat any emerging illnesses occurring among the workforces.”

“JobSiteCare has been deployed in construction, professional sports, hospitality, and financial services. Today, nationwide we are caring and protecting more than 25,000 workers on a daily basis,” continued Dr. Carlin. “Our main differentiator is that we can see and treat the injured worker at their worksite right after injury. This eliminates any confusion about the nature of the injury and creates the physician-patient relationship we require to direct and oversee the quality and timeliness of all their subsequent specialist care. For the worker, it feels exactly like concierge medicine. For the employer, it feels like the situation is under control. For the payer, it is a new process efficiency that improves outcomes. Businesses are able to prove that they are doing the best by their employees, their customers and their communities to help keep everyone safe and healthy.”

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About JobSiteCare:

JobSiteCare is an innovative medical practice that integrates technology, data analysis, and physician expertise to provide immediate telemedical triage, diagnosis, and guided treatment to an injured worker, right at the jobsite. Our cases close in half the time of traditional care and for every $1 dollar spent on JobSiteCare, our clients save $2 dollars in direct medical costs. JobSiteCare functions as a full-service medical department providing concierge-level medical care to injured workers while ensuring accountability throughout their recovery. At JobSiteCare we are on a mission to create safe workplaces and deliver great healthcare on the job.

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