Announces a $1000 Essay Writing Scholarship Available Until August 1, 2021

ROSELAND, N.J., May 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the essay writer in you, a well-known academic writing company - - announced its annual contest for the best original essay boasting a scholarship fund of $1000.

Everyone's a winner,” - says the essay writing scholarship slogan in 2021.

Everyone who’s up for speaking out their mind on one of the critical issues of the world today or simply challenging themselves to an essay writing contest among peers is welcome to explore one of the following topics:

  • Effects of pollution.
  • The changes in the ocean.
  • The civil rights movement and the effects.
  • Effect of school bullying on children.
  • The popularity of sports in the USA.
  • Alcohol and nervous system.

Reportedly, the contest is being held in order to give the US students an opportunity to earn money to spend during summer break as well as reveal their essay writing potential, which could be put to professional use in the future. According to a spokesperson, an ability to write great essays, engage with the audience, and convey socially important topics to a broader audience should be well rewarded financially.

It is also said that those of the participants who’ll write the best essays, including the winner of the 2021’s contest, will be offered a full-time position as a professional essay writer in the company!

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To take part in the contest, every applicant is required to prove their eligibility. The eligibility criteria for taking part in the $1000 essay writing scholarship are, reportedly, the following:

  • An applicant has to be a resident or a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • High-school applicants have to be enrolled in an accredited US college or university in the Fall of 2021.
  • Graduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate students have to be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States.

All participants will have to write an original essay of no more than 500 words in English. Essays are accepted in docs, .odt, .doc, .pdf, google docs, or .rtf format. Only one essay is allowed per applicant!

Application Process

A document with an original 500-word essay on one of the topics mentioned above has to be sent to, as well as contain the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Email address.
  • Street address, city, state, and ZIP code.
  • School name.
  • Graduation date.
  • “GrademinersScholarship | Your full name” in the subject line.

Reportedly, no entry fee for taking part in the essay writing contest is required.

Grading Process

After the deadline - August 1, 2021 - all the essays received from applicants will be reviewed by the editorial team. A winner of the contest will receive a congratulatory email with further instructions, which has to be replied to within a 7-day deadline. It is worth noting that if no reply from a winner is received in due time, the writer of the next best essay will be offered a scholarship.

For more details, please visit:

About the Company is a leading academic writing company in the US, one of the top 5 in 2021. It helps students of all levels cope with essays, term papers, coursework, dissertations, thesis papers, and dozens of other types of homework assignments.

Every year, since 2005, the company hosts an annual essay writing contest open to all the students and essay writing devotees who’d like to win a $1000 scholarship for the best original essay, as well as test their prowess against thousands of other authors in the US.

The deadline is set for August 1, 2021, which gives everyone with a passion for academic writing a great opportunity to put their essay skills to the test and win a scholarship worth a staggering $1000.


Alex Eastmann