Axiom Presents "Benefits and Advantages of a Unified Platform Approach to Global Studies" at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast 2021

TORONTO, May 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Axiom Real-Time Metrics ("Axiom"), premier provider of unified eClinical solutions and services focused on small-to-medium life science organizations, will be exhibiting on May 25-26, 2021, at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast. This year’s program will be hosted in virtual sessions across three streams, each focusing on a different topic area, including Clinical Operations, Technology & Innovation, and Clinical Data Management. Sharing their insights on promoting successful collaborations between the clinical trials community, industry leaders will also have the opportunity to explore effective strategies for outsourcing clinical trial operations.

On May 25, Axiom’s Heather DiFruscia, Associate Director of RTSM/IWRS, and Brian Dempster, Senior Director of Global Clinical Management, will be presenting “Benefits and Advantages of a Unified Platform Approach to Global Studies” at 1:15 PM ET, featured on the Outsourcing and Clinical Operations stream. Their session will pinpoint solutions to critical data challenges in global studies and how a unified eClinical platform can benefit studies on a global scale.

“Facilitating and maintaining an effective communication plan is critical in a US or global trial since global studies are beyond just an expansion of localized study pushed to a multi-country scale,” Dempster shared, “It is essential to start your global study with key plans, considerations, and solutions, which should also highlight the nuanced differences and similarities among the countries you select for your global study. This communication plan will help your team members across regions stay in close and effective collaborations where study-wide standards applied.”

“To minimize the impact of team members working in various time zones, a truly unified platform offers single sign-on access to all your study data in real-time,” DiFruscia continued, “With all your study data fully integrated in one platform, the centralized data allows for real-time awareness of key metrics so that the study team can make informed decisions quickly. In our session, we will show you some of the key modules from our Fusion eClinical Suite that tackle critical data challenges faced by teams running US and global studies.”

A live Q&A session with Dempster and DiFruscia will follow the presentation.

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