Dovre's Suvic has started three new major windmill park construction projects in May


Dovre Group Plc              Stock exchange release – Inside information        May 28, 2021 at 7 pm

Suvic has started three new major windmill park construction projects in May

Suvic Oy continues its growth by starting Karhunnevankangas, Puskakorpi and Merkkikallio windmill park projects, which all commenced in May.

Karhunnevankangas will include constructing the foundations of 33 windmills for wpd Construction Finland Oy. The Puskakorpi windmill park (Foresight LLP) consists of a turn-key construction of infrastructure for 16 windmills including roads, lifting platforms, foundations, 110/30 kV power stations, main power station, 30 kV internal power grid and 110 kV main power grid as ground cabling. Karhunnevankangas and Puskakorpi are located in Pyhäjoki, South of Oulu. The third windmill park project Merkkikallio (OX2) is located near Vaasa and Mustasaari, where Suvic will design and construct 13 windmills including lifting platforms, internal roads, foundations and internal power grid.

The estimated combined value of these three projects is over 35 million euros of which major part will be recognized as revenue during 2021.

”We are very happy for the continuation of our collaboration with OX2. Our new partners for 2021 are wpd Construction Finland Oy and Foresight Group LLP and we are waiting for their projects to start with anticipation and ready to go”, states Suvic's CEO and Chairman of the Board Ville Vesanen.

Additional information:

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Oy is a Finnish construction company founded in 2017 in Oulu, which specializes in windmill farm construction and project management. In addition, the company provides turn-key construction services for bioenergy and industrial construction projects. Suvic provides innovative practises to the design, construction and project management of energy projects. Company's current projects include OX2 Metsälamminkangas windmill park (Vaala), Puutikankangas park (Sievi), Merkkikallio park (Vöyri), wpd Finland's Karhunnevankangas park (Pyhäjoki), Foresight Group LLP's Puskakorpi park (Pyhäjoki) and CPC Finland's Lakiakangas 3 park (Isojoki). Suvic is building tomorrows energy.

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