Coface North America Debuts Hybrid Credit Insurance Offer: Cover+

Cover+ invites businesses to fortify their entire portfolio with non-cancellable credit limits plus traditional trade credit insurance

Princeton, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Princeton, NJ, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Coface North America is pleased to announce the launch of a new trade credit insurance offering. Cover+, which debuts June 7, invites businesses to fortify their entire portfolio. Cover+ pairs non-cancellable credit limits for their most critical accounts with traditional trade credit insurance for the remainder of their portfolio.


Coface trade credit insurance protects businesses from bad debt losses due to customer slow payment and default. Offering a blend of non-cancellable and customary credit insurance decisions, Cover+ adds non-cancelable benefits. Clients can rely on Coface to review, monitor, and insure a broad list of customers and benefit from 75 years of credit underwriting experience.


Lee Spurrier, Coface North America SVP, Chief Sales Officer, U.S. noted that the launch of Cover+ is directly linked to market demand  “due to the sharp rebound in almost all business segments as the US economy rebounds from the Covid-19 crisis.”


Coface is a leading global provider of Trade Credit Insurance and Credit Management services, with a team of over 600 underwriters across the world leveraging information on 145 million businesses worldwide.  Coface can provide coverage on sales in North America and 200 countries around the globe. Learn more at

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75 years of experience and the most finely meshed international network have made Coface a reference in credit insurance, risk management and the global economy. With the ambition to become the most agile, global trade credit insurance partner in the industry, Coface’s experts work to the beat of the world economy, supporting clients in building successful, growing and dynamic businesses. The Group’s services and solutions protect and help companies make credit decisions to improve their ability to sell on both their domestic and export markets.


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