The technology supersizes Bidtellect’s optimization engine and taps the power of automatic bid factoring as a performance tool using cookieless, non-identity based signals.

Delray Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

Delray Beach, FL, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bidtellect, a leading demand-side platform and advertising technology company, today announced the release of its exclusive proprietary optimization technology capability: AARDvark. Its performance has proven to be not only more effective than bid factoring, but more effective than data targeting. The tool places Bidtellect’s optimization engine at the top of the industry.

An acronym for its own abilities, AARDvark refers to Automatic Algorithmic Rate Determination. The optimization tool analyzes non-identity, cookieless signals to determine the most opportune ad opportunities to achieve advertiser goals. AARDvark’s bid factoring technology is an additional, powerful optimization tool for traders to reach performance goals and further distinguishes Bidtellect’s optimization methodology from other platforms in the space.

“The application of machine learning algorithms that automatically optimize the bidding process and assure the delivery of ads most advantageous to our clients is a game changer,” says Bidtellect Chief Technology Officer Michael Conway. “I am beyond proud of the continued advancements of our platform.”

For many DSPs, the burden of performance rests almost entirely on audience targeting, leaving the bidder largely commoditized and overlooked. This leads to bid modifiers or bid factors offering limited precision in bid price determination. AARDvark transforms the old, laborious method of bid modification into an easier, more effective means of bidding at the appropriate price to maximize advertisers' ROI and reach.

Bidtellect’s AARDvark technology consists of automatic, algorithmic bid modifiers that evaluate each auction and determine the most valuable price based on clients’ optimization goal(s). Bidtellect’s modifiers are multivariate in nature, update in real time, and factor in granular, non-identity based signals including but not limited to page URL, ad placement, domain, time of day and day of week.  AARDvark is automatic and precise. 

“Bid factoring has long been a favorite tool of many traders, but has been restricted by its limitations,” says Bidtellect VP of Product Arthur Hainline. “Bid factoring’s effectiveness was previously only as good as the time and effort of the trader, its limited number of features (such as domain or time of day), and it could not handle multiple features at once in an elegant way. Bidtellect's AARDvark takes the burden of bid factoring away from the trader. It deals in features more granular than are typically available and inherently handles multivariate factoring.”

AARDvark is a key addition to Bidtellect’s technology suite of the future. It supplements Bidtellect’s existing holistic approach to performance-driven optimization and targeting, which incorporates cookieless context signals. 



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