Shogunbo: A potential binary option exchange to thrive in 2021

TOKYO, June 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Binary Option (BO) is gradually becoming an interesting form of investment, as it brings various benefits to the traders with the high index of Return on Investment (ROI). Thus, there are now several BO exchanges established to satisfy the huge demand from the market. However, this is also an obstacle for investors in finding the best trading platform with high security and safety in the system. The BO exchange - Shogunbo acknowledges these concerns and is launched to bring new experiences to traders with transparency, reputation and effectiveness. Shogunbo is evaluated as the most prospective BO platform in 2021with their features. Let’s find out what has created this outstanding name Shogunbo!

Why has Binary Option attracted such extraordinary attention recently?
Firstly, the purpose of binary options trading is basically to give traders the opportunity to profit off investment in the right and legal way. Even Binary Option trading has always been controversial, but it still develops dramatically as compared to forex, options trading is actually a simpler investing form to join for traders because it does not require a lot of technical or fundamental analytic skills.

Furthermore, traders also don't have to be concerned about the current slew of news that has an impact on the currency. Because the binary options trading approach entails just rate the price up or down at the moment of purchase (within 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute). If the forecast is right after that time period, you can "count" the money according to the exchange rate. Normally, the payout of this investment is up to 90%. As a result, many consumers prefer Binary Options to forex because of the convenience and quickness that options trading provides.

About Shogunbo

Shogunbo is a Japanese-based reliable binary options trading platform, established in 2021 and trusted by more than 10,000 investors across the world with numbers of trading volume up to USD 10 million and 95% in payout ratio. Shogunbo‘s mission is to bring transparency and trustworthiness to its users and community.

Although it is a newcomer in the field, Shogunbo proved their vision in providing the best services and support to Binary Option investors through the high-advanced features in technology, good customer support, attractive policies and programs. Users will achieve the best experience and highest profits with Binary Option trading on Shogunbo.

Shogunbo allows the trader to deposit and withdraw easily with a few steps and traders also can experience the demo account on Shogunbo before commencing their first Binary Option trade on the real market. Investors are able to participate in “Agency Program'' to buy licenses to start referring peers and earn Agency Commission as well as Trading Commission.

The development team of Shogunbo expect this platform will be the best place for Binary Option Trading as the slogan of Shogun's desire to express - “All for traders'.

Why is Shogunbo? 5 reasons you must choose Shogunbo

Shogunbo is identified as the most potential Binary Option platform in 2021 because of the outstanding features and advantages that platform brings and satisfies to customers - as a prerequisite for development for these reason belows:

  • High payout ratio: Payout is simply the rate of money that the exchange pays you after each win. This is an issue that every investor is always interested in. At Shogunbo, traders will enjoy a “payout” rate of up to 95%. For example, if you invest 1 order of 10 USD in Shogunbo - the exchange has a payout ratio of 95%, which means that when you win, you will receive 9.5 USD as 195% of the total amount of money placed for your trade and vice-versa. This is the highest payout rate among the reputable Binary Option exchanges on the market at present. In long-term options trading, 95% is the ratio that traders aim to maximize profits.

  • Language diversity: Shogunbo understands the difficulties of investors in terms of language as well as in its global development orientation. Therefore, Shogunbo has integrated multi-language functionality to be able to serve many investors from all over the world - a special highlight of Shogunbo compared to other exchanges.

  • Safety and transparency: With the blockchain core technology - the most advanced technology in the financial field at the moment, is the factor that makes Shogunbo exchange always maintain high stability, bring transparency, and overcome technical obstacles as well as unusual incidents. The exchange's price index is taken from major exchanges Binance, Huobi, Okex, .. to ensure the accuracy of the platform during the transaction. Besides, the high liquidity of the exchange makes deposit and withdrawal activities take place very quickly within 30 seconds.

  • Good customer service: With the motto of all for the traders’ satisfaction, Shogunbo provides 24/7 customer care service, always beside customers to solve problems encountered and processing time for customers. Customer's problems are always guaranteed at the fastest rate of up to 1 hour.

  • Security: Shogunbo possesses state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure that customers' information and assets are absolutely safe. Besides, Shogunbo always improves and upgrades the system periodically to bring the best user experience values ​​"Before-in-after" every transaction made.

Shogunbo is currently seeking for capital from large investment funds to continue developing the market and investing in technology, which is predicted to skyrocket in the near future.

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