The Local Culinary - The New Era Of Hospitality Inspires Progress And Growth in Ghost Kitchen and Virtual Restaurants

Miami, Florida, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All industries have undergone an extensive transformation in the past decade: transportation, real estate, and data storage to name a few. The restaurant industry is also seeing a major shift with the arrival of ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchens are establishments that create delivery-only food. No storefront, no dine in, just delivery. They commonly work with third-party applications (such as UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, or Doordash).

While ghost kitchens are not expected to replace all restaurants because they cannot substitute a dine-in experience, their market share is expected to continue growing exponentially from its current $40 billion estimation. Euromonitor predicts that ghost kitchens could be selling $1 trillion worth of food by 2030.

Part of the enormous growth is fueled by increasing customer demand and shifts in dining habits, user friendliness of apps, variety of choice and availability.

Logically, these projections lend to making investments in the industry promising. There are other factors driving the focus on ghost kitchens vs. a brick and mortar restaurant or traditional franchise model, namely costs. 

Ghost kitchens require relatively low investment costs. A McDonald’s franchise costs between $1,008,000 to $2,214,080 to open, whilst a ghost kitchen could cost less than $150,000. The overhead and recurring costs are considerably lower: 

  • Rent cost: Prime location and yearly contracts are not essential.
  • Advertising cost: Can be focused digitally.
  • Labor cost: No need for waiters or hostesses, fewer kitchen staff needed.
  • Customer experience cost: Can be primarily focused on the packaging and small details vs the storefront and dine-in experience.

Even with ghost kitchens being a prime opportunity, there is hesitation stemming from its uncharted nature and lack of familiarity with the technicalities involved. 

The Local Culinary (the first franchise of virtual restaurants in the USA) addresses these concerns. The company owns 50 virtual restaurant brands that have all been designed to be profitable and suitable for the high demand in take-out and delivery. Their culinary and operational knowledge, combined with their technical experience, and strategic partnerships with leading delivery platforms guarantees franchisees will have the proper guidance. 

Some of the assistance the company provides includes:

  • Identifying a location
  • Sourcing kitchen equipment
  • Ingredient procurement
  • Training from certified chefs
  • New menu development
  • Pricing reviews 
  • Technical advice
  • Marketing strategy development

Their CEO, Alp Franko, has quickly become a leader in the industry and will be speaking at the Ghost Kitchen Conference organized by On-Trend Concepts, June 17-18, Hyatt Regency Dallas. The panel will be discussing the impact of ghost kitchens on local and regional restaurants, and their evolution. For additional information on The Local Culinary:

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