Magellan Jets Elevates Sustainability Commitment With Comprehensive, Achievable Roadmap

Premier Private Aviation Provider To Expand Green Initiatives, Manage Alternatively Powered Aircraft On Behalf Of Clients

Quincy, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Boston, MA., June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magellan Jets continues its mission to advance sustainable solutions for business aviation with the establishment of a roadmap that will drive the changing landscape and empower clients to begin building a legacy of responsible, green travel. The aviation solutions provider is committing to flights 100% powered by sustainable fuel sources by 2030, and is striving to offer 100% carbon-zero flights by 2040.


In order to accomplish these goals, Magellan is building on its existing carbon offset capabilities, joining leading industry groups and coalitions, directing purchasing power toward sustainable aviation fuels, and acquiring and managing on behalf of clients a network of alternatively powered aircraft as they become technologically viable.


“Magellan Jets is committed to creating and maintaining a legacy that makes the world a better place to live,” said Magellan Jets CEO Joshua M. Hebert. “Whether by working to limit the carbon footprint of flight today or by devoting resources to building the eco-friendly aircraft network of tomorrow, we proudly represent the voice of the customer in advancing sustainable private aviation solutions.”


At its founding, Magellan sought to improve clients’ quality of life by introducing a smarter way to fly; over a decade later, that founding spirit of innovation persists as the company faces the challenge of reducing business aviation’s environmental impact.


“Magellan Jets is the industry leader in sustainable travel, representing our clients in advancing safety, superior unit economics, and green legacy solutions in business aviation,” said Magellan Jets COO Todd Weeber. “The actions laid out in this roadmap will fulfill our mission of progressing toward globally recognized milestones on the path to responsible, carbon-zero operations and make safer, smarter, more sustainable travel a reality for all of our guests.”


Here’s a breakdown of what the roadmap entails:


  • Offering Carbon Offset Option On All Flights


Today, through their partnership with offset company Terrapass, Magellan offers clients the ability to carbon offset their aviation portfolio in any amount that can be measured, and that the client deems necessary—including offsetting flights not arranged by Magellan.


  • Joining Leading Industry Groups


By combining resources with industry and government, including by joining the United Nations Global Compact and key industry groups focused on advancing environmental goals, Magellan will establish a viable framework for accountability and a seat at the table for the voice of the client in advancing sustainable aviation solutions.


  • Focusing On Sustainable Aviation Fuels


Magellan has begun the shift toward working with preferred operators based on their use of sustainable aviation fuels, or SAFs—cleaner, greener alternatives to fossil jet fuels that are produced using sustainable sources and are up to 80% less carbon intensive over their lifecycle.


  • Vetting, Acquiring, And Managing Alternatively Powered Aircraft


Magellan is actively selecting manufacturers in order to acquire innovative, alternatively powered aircraft as they become technologically viable. The company is vetting those manufacturers based on the safety, cost efficiency, mechanical reliability, and environmental impact of the aircraft, and will establish a network of new, sustainable aircraft to replace existing fossil fuel-powered assets. On behalf of clients, Magellan will manage all-electric, hydrogen, or hybrid-powered aircraft in the helicopter, turboprop, light jet, mid jet, super-mid jet, and heavy jet categories.


Magellan Jets’ clients will not wait for the future to arrive—when Magellan manages their aviation portfolio, they’re building a legacy of efficiency, sustainability, and responsibility today. To learn more about how guests can offset their private flights with Magellan and Terrapass, click here.


About Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets is a Boston-based private aviation solution provider built on a commitment to core values. Founded in 2008, Magellan Jets’ innovative model offers jet card ownership, jet membership, and on-demand charter services designed to provide the freedom and exceptional personalized service that private travelers expect. Magellan Jets and its FAA-licensed Flight Support team ensure that every detail tailored to exceed expectations. Safety, security, privacy, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence in hospitality combine with the most audited network of aircraft in the skies to let travelers experience private aviation the way it is meant to be, purely private.




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