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Brenderup, DENMARK

Brenderup, Denmark, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire)  The website dedicated to offering up-to-date corporate reports, news, opportunities, and developments in the blockchain and fintech industry, The Capital announces its agreement with This partnership offers the The Capital a means of distributing and publishing press releases and other blockchain-related news via Blockchain Wire and its partner GlobeNewswire's syndicated media networks.

Blockchain Wire started its press release distribution service that focuses exclusively on the blockchain industry, crypto distributed ledger, security token offering, digital assets, and ICOs in late 2018. Its global reach includes online media outlets, industry trade publications, social media platforms, influencers, and top blogs.

Blockchain Wire’s leadership position in the blockchain space allows them to serve companies in the ecosystem with unparalleled access to several content-promoting media across the globe.

The Capital's visibility has continued to progress over the past few years, and considering the partnership we are witnessing, this visibility is about to skyrocket. Blockchainwire was a reputation for amplifying content to a broader range of audiences with some specialized techniques. As such, the partnership is about to launch The Capital into a new level of audience reach. It opens The Capital to a framework that allows PR agencies and other interested clients to market and distribute their content in a connected approach that helps them reach out to millions of readers in the field.

The collaboration serves as an indication that the creative minds behind this project are constantly striving to project it towards the best possible version it could be.

About The Capital 

In essence, The Capital is a publishing platform accessible for professionals in tech, finance, and business. It allows content creators to monetize their content, positioning it as a heavyweight in the $400 billion content marketing ecosystem. It incorporates user monetization and influencer marketing to offer the best possible services for both content consumers and content creatives alike.

Created by Emil Sterndoff and Stefan Petersen, this microblogging financial and social networking platform has long been a go-to space for creatives and content creators in finance, crypto, fintech, and other related niches. 

This platform keeps establishing itself with multiple reputable agreements that pre-eminently focus on strengthening its expansion and visibility as a content marketing platform in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech sector. It pays maximum attention to quality and only allows top-notch editorial designs emphasizing an engaging and seamless visual experience for readers interested in multiple topics.



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